The HMMWV are militarized civilian trucks that appeared in GODZILLA.


Heisei Series


In 1998, as a giant lizard called Zilla appeared from the Atlantic and started invading New York, the US military came to try and trap it. Due to the urban nature of Manhattan, the HMMWV was able to drive around the city and look for the monster easier than most other military vehicles that were present. When they finally found the monster, the HMMWVs chased him around the city. Although they were able to carry different weapons, none of them seemed to work; the weapons could not lock on to Zilla, and when those weapons hit Zilla they did not do anything to it. HMMWVs suffered heavy losses due to being the most involved vehicle in trying to catch Zilla, as Zilla burned them with its power breath them or smashed them aside with its feet.


  • Can be mounted with a 7.62mm machine gun, a .50 caliber machine gun, or a Grenade Launcher.
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