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Lieutenant Hank Marlow of the 45th Pursuit Squadron of the 15th. „ 

— Hank

Hank Marlow is a character created by Legendary Pictures who first appeared in the 2017 MonsterVerse film, Kong: Skull Island.


Hank Marlow initially came off as a lonely, somewhat paranoid man. This is understandable, as the only human contact he had for almost 30 years was the typically silent and stoic Iwi tribe. However, upon meeting James Conrad's group, he slowly unwinds and begins to bond with the soldiers over their shared martial careers. Having survived on Skull Island for decades, he has accumulated vast amounts of knowledge on the flora and fauna that inhabit the island. He seemed to have greatly respected the natural order of the island, as he was vehemently opposed to Preston Packard's quest to kill Kong.


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Kong: Skull Island

During World War II, Marlow and Gunpei Ikari were stranded on Skull Island when their planes crashed. They were initially hostile to each other and tried to kill one another, with Ikari nearly killing Marlow until the appearance of Kong scared him off. Eventually, they would encounter each other again and decided to discard their differences since they were no longer soldiers on opposite sides of a war, but two men stranded on an island and banded together to survive and they came to see each other as brothers. Ikari would eventually lose his life to save Marlow. Marlow erected a grave for Ikari and placed his sword there until the time came when Marlow needed his friend's sword.

Hank Marlow acted as a Lieutenant during the events of World War II, before being stranded on Skull Island. He then encountered James Conrad and his band of travelers during their expedition to the lost island, explaining who Kong is, while also speaking about the "devils" who lived below, also known as the Skullcrawlers. When Conrad told him there was an exfil coming to the north shore in three days and they could leave the island Marlow disregarded it as impossible. However, he remembered the boat that he and Ikari started building called "The Great Fox", which could bring them to the north shore within three days. Marlow, Conrad, Slivko, and Nieves started working on the Great Fox while informing Marlow of new wars starting and of changes and advances in society of the outside world.


Upon leaving Skull Island, Marlow (now clean-shaven and wearing a new military uniform) located his wife and son in Chicago. Upon knocking on the door, he was greeted by the sight of his son, now a grown man. Initially, he was confused at Marlow's presence, until his mother came along and, shocked at the sight of Marlow, slowly and tearfully embraced him; afterward, his son learned that Marlow was his dad, and gladly shook his hand while holding back tears of joy. Marlow was last seen enjoying a hot dog, chips, and a bottle of cold beer while watching a Cubs baseball game.


After spending time on Skull Island, he unintentionally helped the Iwi evolve: by teaching them English (in particular, to Ato's father), they passed on his teachings to their children and even developed their own language.


  • Multilingualism: In addition to speaking English, Marlow can speak Japanese and can communicate in the silent manner the Iwi do.
  • Swordsmanship: Marlow is very skilled with a sword, in particular, Gunpei's katana.

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