The HeiseiGyao (平成ギャオ?) is the Gyaos suit and puppet design that was used in the 1995 Gamera film, Gamera: Guardian of the Universe.


The HeiseiGyao's name comes from Heisei (平成?) and Gyao, which comes from Gyaos' Japanese name, Gyaosu.


The HeiseiGyao has a flat head, which comes to a point in the front. The head is also creased down the middle, rather than flat like the ShodaiGyao. Its wings are more dragon-like than the ShodaiGyao, and its hands are more pronounced. It has a longer neck and tail, and red eyes in its super form. The puppets used to portray the Gyaos are rather advanced in comparison to contemporary kaiju puppets, and are capable of simulating subtle breathing movements in their throats, similar to real-life reptiles.


  • Keizo Murase, the designer of Gamera monsters in the Showa series, revealed in an interview regarding the new film that Showa Gyaos's design was originally resembling more of HeiseiGyao, but physical limitations disabled to use the original design.




Gamera: Guardian of the Universe




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