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Hellhawks are large winged bird-like kaiju created by Legendary Pictures that first appeared in the 2021 film, Godzilla vs. Kong.


Hellhawks get their name from the nether-like nature of their natural habitat in the Hollow Earth and their resemblances with hawks.



Hellhawks resemble giant bats with vulture-like heads, talons, leathery wings, and armored backs covered with thin strands of hair-like feathers. While not in flight, their posture is very bird-like, as they will fold their wings and tuck them in close at their sides.


The sounds which the Hellhawks made were piercing screeches, similar to vultures. The sounds were more likely come from Tasmanian devils, birds and other animals.


Hellhawks are aggressive predatory creatures that inhabit the caverns of the Hollow Earth. They are easy to agitate and will relentlessly swarm any aggressor/prey they come across. They are fiercely defensive of their kills, as food is likely rare deep within the caverns of the Hollow Earth. This is seen when two Hellhawks have a brief fight over the corpse of an Apex soldier.


Hellhawks evolved deep within the Hollow Earth. Like bats, they prefer to inhabit caves and dark caverns, and spend their time hanging upside down from the ceiling.


Godzilla vs. Kong

A large flock of Hellhawks are first seen roosting in Kong's fortress within the Hollow Earth before they are awakened by Godzilla's atomic breath, prompting them to attack Kong and his human companions. Before the Hellhawks can close in on Nathan Lind, Ilene Andrews, and Jia, Godzilla's atomic breath bursts through the fortress and scares them away.



Hellhawks can use their leathery wings to fly through the air. They display high levels of speed and maneuverability while in flight.

Strength and combat

The Hellhawks' primary weapons are their beak and talons, which enables them to carry and prey on humans effortlessly. Their talons also allow them to cling onto walls and ceilings.

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  • The way the Hellhawks fly and attack are somewhat similar to the Terapusmordax in the 2005 King Kong film.
  • The Hellhawks might be inspired by the Giant Condor from Ebirah, Horror of the Deep.
  • A Hellhawk is visible on a promotional image for the collab between Godzilla vs. Kong with the mobile game PUBG, although no Hellhawk is present in the game.
  • According to the film's Japanese release guide, Hellhawks weigh 14,000 tons in the Northern Hemisphere of the Hollow Earth,[2] and 4,600 tons in the Southern Hemisphere of the Hollow Earth[2], presumably due to the denser gravity in the Hollow Earth. However, this appears to be erroneous, as organisms of this weight would have to have a proportionate height and density to match, while the nine-foot height[1] of the Hellhawk species is insufficient, even compared to other Hollow Earth species.
  • In production, Hellhawks were planned to be several stories taller than a human before it was later decided to shrink them down to match the humans' size.[3]


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