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Hollow Earth is Kong's home. „ 

Nathan Lind

The Hollow Earth is a location that was discovered in the 2019 film Godzilla: King of the Monsters.



The Hollow Earth is an ancient subterranean ecosystem deep within the Earth, close to the planet's core. Its gravity is unique and inverts at a halfway point, allowing Titans to walk freely on both floor and ceiling of the Hollow Earth without fear of falling from one to the other. The ecosystem continually radiates radioactive energy, allowing the creatures that inhabit it to evolve to titanic sizes. Because of this, it is widely believed to be the natural habitat and evolutionary place of origin of all Titans. In ancient times, Kong and Godzilla's species' warred against each other for dominance over the Hollow Earth. A fortress belonging to Kong's species also exists there, with a throne once held by his ancestors. Kong himself later claims the throne as his own when he decides that the Hollow Earth will be his new home.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

After nearly being killed by the Oxygen Destroyer, Godzilla retreats to his temple located within the Hollow Earth to rest and regenerate. A Monarch expedition team follows the Titan in, confirming the organization's theories of an entire world located beneath the surface. Ishiro Serizawa detonates a nuclear warhead in Godzilla's temple, effectively reviving him but destroying the temple and the surrounding area.

Godzilla Dominion


Godzilla vs. Kong

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A joint expedition team of Monarch and Apex Cybernetics use three HEAVs to follow Kong into the Hollow Earth in order to find and secure an energy source capable of subduing Godzilla, using the ape as a sort of navigator. Those who have been watching over Kong at Skull Island, including Nathan Lind, Ilene Andrews and Jia, are brought along on the expedition, but the true purpose of the journey is hidden from them.

Kong explores Hollow Earth at a rapid pace before stumbling across an ancient fortress built by his ancestors. He enters the structure, claiming an ancient axe. The group observes Kong and realizes that he is home there. At this point, Maia Simmons of Apex orders the extraction of the ancient energy radiating from the ground, directly from the planet's core. After angering Kong, Simmons and the rest of her team are killed, but not before the energy is sent back to the Apex facility in Hong Kong and used to power Mechagodzilla.

After destroying Mechagodzilla and resolving his rivalry with Godzilla, Kong decides to return to the Hollow Earth, making it his new home.

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  • The idea of a hollow earth in a Godzilla film is in fact an old one and would have appeared in the cancelled Godzilla film Bride of Godzilla.

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