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The Hollow Earth Aerial Vehicle (H.E.A.V.) is a vehicle created to explore the Hollow Earth that appeared in Godzilla vs. Kong.


The H.E.A.V. is an aerial vehicle with 4 mobile turbines that emit an unknown energy that allow it to float and manipulate the gravity around it. The entrance to the H.E.A.V. is located at the rear. Its door opens outward, creating a ramp so that it is possible to enter. At the front of the craft under the nose is what appears to be a small spherical sensor array of some sort.


Godzilla vs. Kong[]

The H.E.A.V. were prototype anti-gravity vehicles created by Apex Cybernetics based on the technology used in Apex's transport network to move large amount of materials between various branches. They were specifically designed to be able to resist the massive and violent gravitational reversal effects typically found on the paths down into the Hollow Earth, and were powered by an unknown power source capable of "lighting up the whole of Las Vegas for a week." To protect the occupants from any possible M.U.T.O. threats encountered on the expedition, the vehicles were equipped with missile launchers and twin machine-guns. Three were deployed with the goal to follow Kong down into the Hollow Earth in an attempt to locate the primeval energy source believed to be down there. In the course of the expedition one was destroyed by a Warbat, a second one was crushed by Kong after Apex executive Maia Simmons ordered the pilot to fire on Kong, and the final one was sacrificed to restart Kong's heart after he was nearly killed fighting Godzilla.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire[]

Monarch managed to create a HEAV equipped with a biomimicry camouflaging system that allows them to blend in with Hollow Earth creatures such as Vertacines.

Jia, Ilene Andrews, Bernie Hayes, Trapper, and Mikael use a HEAV to venture into the Hollow Earth upon discovering a signal emanating from an Iwi settlement. Later on, Trapper uses the HEAV to transport the B.E.A.S.T. Glove to heal Kong's frostbite before using it to lead a flock of Vertacines in an attempt to slow the Skar King and Shimo down. The HEAV is somewhat compromised in the ensuing battle with the Skar King's subordinates, but Mothra prevents it from being destroyed.



The HEAVs are equipped with a system that allows them to mimic the appearances of Hollow Earth creatures such as Vertacines and blend in with their surroundings.


The HEAVs are designed to withstand Titan attacks. However, two of them were easily destroyed by a Warbat and Kong.


The HEAVs' propulsion system and avionics allow them to take flight.

Machine guns[]

The HEAVs are equipped with machine guns serving as defense systems against hostile creatures.


The HEAVs are equipped with missiles serving as defense systems against hostile creatures.