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Honey I Shrunk the Kong is the ninth episode of Kong: King of the Apes.


The episode opens with Lucas Remy, Doug Jones, and King Kong attempting to rescue a stranded aircraft on the Golden Gate Bridge. the stranded passenger in revealed to be Botila, who shoots Kong with a green beam of energy, and shrinks him to palm size. She then delivers him to Richard Remy for study, and he keeps him in a jar on a shelf. Kong soon escaped the jar, and enters the Bionobot workshop, where Richard uses the room's machinery to try and stop him. His escape from the workshop leads him straight into the Bionobot habitat, which he escapes with the unwitting help of some real animals, and escapes the island in the same manner. Lucas and Danny Kwan then attempt to piece together what happened to Kong by looking at his gear. By examining video footage, Doug Jones is able to discover that Kong was miniaturized. They begin to plan a rescue, and the shrinking ray'e effects begin to wear off. Due to Richard and Botila's quick thinking, Kong is brought back into their custody. Doug and Lucas try to save Kong, and Botila chases Doug off, leaving the brothers alone. Richard charges a laser beam on his finger, preparing to fire on Lucas, who pulls a gun on Richard and fires, only for the blast to be absorbed by a force field in Richard's cyborg body. Botila destroys Doug's jetpack, and prepares to kill him before Danny flies the team's helicopter into Botila's pterodactyl mount. Richard, spotting the helicopter, prepares to shoot them down, but Kong, regaining his full size as he leapt, appeared to crush Richard under his foot, but the man was saved by his force field. After Richard threatens to render Botila obsolete, she shrinks him with the ray and breaks up with him.




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