Hotter (ホッター?, Hottā) is a kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 18 of Go! Godman.


Hotter is a humanoid monster which draws characteristics from rats. He has brown, fur like skin and long fangs. He also has large ears. He has a long flap of skin stretching from his arms to his lower body similar to Gejiru or Maoh himself. In Godman, Hotter wears a bright green jumpsuit with a gold collar around his neck.


Go! Godman


Hotter in Go! Godman

Hotter was the twenty-second monster to battle Godman.

Go! Greenman

Greenman - Monsters - Hotter battling Greenman

Hotter in Go! Greenman

Hotter also appeared in episode 44 of Go! Greenman. He was the forty-fifth monster to battle Greenman. Tonchiki and Hotter wreaked havoc until Greenman was summoned with the Green Calls. Hotter battled Greenman and was nearly defeated, but Maoh made Hotter grow to giant proportions. Greenman grew as well to match the monster's height and the two fought. Greenman got the upper hand when he used his staff to knock Hotter's sword right out of his hands. Now weaponless, Hotter was quickly defeated.


  • In Go! Greenman, Hotter had a long bronze sword.


In Go! Greenman, Hotter re-used Gezora's roars.

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