The Hyper Laser Cannon (ハイパワーレーザービーム車,   Haipawā-rēzābīmu-sha, lit. High-Power Laser Beam Car?) is an advanced version of the Maser Cannon which first appears in the 1984 Toho film The Return of Godzilla.


Heisei era

The Return of Godzilla

Like the Super X, the Hyper Laser Cannon was designed to defend Japan from an attack by other countries. Two of them were built, and were intended to be able to quickly subdue enemy forces using powerful lasers fired from their powerful dish-like weapons. When Godzilla attacked Tokyo, the Hyper Laser Cannons were brought into action, and fought back by firing multiple lasers at the kaiju. The lasers were at first highly effective, burning Godzilla's skin and forcing him to reel back in pain. Eventually, the lasers stopped having the intended effect, and the human pilots found themselves trying to escape from Godzilla, who followed them out of the Business District. Fortunately, the Super X arrived on the scene, and went on the offensive, buying the Hyper Laser Cannons enough time to retreat. Although the Hyper Laser Cannons didn't do any lasting damage to Godzilla, they successfully lured Godzilla away from Doctor Hayashida's laboratory.

Godzilla vs. Biollante

The two Hyper Laser Cannons reappear through stock footage.


  • The Hyper Laser Cannons can discharge a red laser beam from their cannons. This laser emits a high-pitched chirping noise when it fires.
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