Ibogolar (イボギラー?, Ibogirā, lit. Ibogira) is a dream kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 25 of Go! Godman.




Go! Godman

Godman vs. Trilorn and Ibogilar

Ibogolar was the thirty sixth monster to battle Godman. He attacked an uncle at an amusement park in his dreams but was confronted by Godman and after a lengthy battle was defeated.


Disable Power

Ibogilar is able to disable his opponent's power through unknown means.


Ibogilar can use telekinesis to lift people and objects.

Fog Creation

Ibogilar can create fog to cover himself and disappear.


  • Ibogilar's head would later be re-used for Iho Killer's head in Go! Greenman.
  • His roar is re-used from Gattlar.
  • He is similar to Gabara in which he only appears through a character's dreams.

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