Iho Killer (イホキラー,   Ihokirā?) is an energy extracting kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 22 of the 1973 tokusatsu kaiju series, Go! Greenman titled Greenman vs. Iho Killer.


Iho Killer's skin is dark gray and covered with orange bumps. In the middle of his chest, the Iho Killer has a raised ridge. Iho Killer has no fingers, making his hands look like mouths (much like Biollante).


Go! Greenman

Greenman vs. Iho Killer

Iho Killer was the twenty-second kaiju to battle Greenman. Iho Killer appears in a street with Tonchiki. Iho chases the children down the street, and then Tonchiki appears in front of them. Now trapped, the children used their Green Calls to signal Greenman. Greenman and Iho battled for a while, and the monster was nearly defeated, but Maoh and Tonchiki made the monster grow to giant size. To match Iho, Greenman grew to his size, ready for a battle. Once again, Iho was almost defeated, but Maoh instructed him to use his secret weapon. He pulled a patch off of the ridge on his chest, and threw it at Greenman. The patch stuck to the hero and began to paralyze him. Now with Greenman weakened, Iho could beat on him. Eventually, though, Greenman pulled the weapon off of him. The weapon was not completely useless though; it caused Greenman's electronics malfunction. Now even weaker, Greenman malfunctioned and turned back to human size. Tonchiki danced around from Greenman's defeat, but accidentally stepped on a Green Call that was accidentally dropped by one of the kids. The device stopped Greenman's malfunctions and caused him to grow again. Greenman then easily defeated Iho with his missiles.


Iho Killer can pull a patch from his chest. When this patch touches another being, it slowly paralyzes them. In Greenman's case, it can also cause electronics to malfunction.


  • Iho Killer's suit was very cheaply made, with visible gaps where his arms connect to his body.

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