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I spent ten years on that island studying him. I know this for sure: Kong bows to no one. „ 

— Ilene Andrews regarding King Kong (Godzilla vs. Kong)

Dr. Ilene Andrews is a scientist character who first appeared in the 2021 film, Godzilla vs. Kong.


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Godzilla vs. Kong

Dr. Ilene Andrews is working as one of the senior scientists at Skull Island when Kong tosses a spear, breaching the biodome of the environment that he is kept in. She is approached by her assistant, Ben, who tells her that they must start thinking about off-site solutions, that the habitat won't hold him much longer. She argues back that Skull Island is keeping Kong isolated and that Godzilla will come from him if he leaves. Her adoptive daughter, Jia, comes over and signs to her that Kong is angry. She tells Jia to go wait for her, saying to Ben that to take Kong off-site would be a death sentence.

Later, Dr. Andrews takes a visit from Nathan Lind, a geologist with Monarch. He tells her of his belief that there is a power source in Hollow Earth and that they need Kong to help lead them to it. She objects to the idea, saying that Godzilla will come for Kong the second they release him, but Nathan argues that they could use Kong as an ally and that the power source may be their only hope of stopping Godzilla, who has gone on a rampage. Andrews finally gives in, but tells him that what she says goes when it comes to Kong.

Together, the group boards an expedition of Naval vessels bound for Antarctica, Kong chained down upon one of them. When Lind expresses his disdain of Godzilla's smell, Jia signs that he's a coward. Lind asks what she said and Andrews and Jia share a private joke when Andrews replies that it's an Iwi expression meaning that he's very brave. When Lind refers to Kong as their "escort," Andrews asks what will happen if Kong doesn't go willingly, but Lind doesn't reply, simply looking uncomfortable. Later, she speaks with Admiral Wilcox, who tells her that they're avoiding Godzilla's known territorial waters and asks her if they need to be concerned. Andrews agrees that they do, that they believe Kong and Godzilla once fought each other in a great war. Wilcox asks if this means it's a case of "who bows to who" but Andrews replies that Kong bows to no one. Not long after this, Andrews watches as Jia unexpectedly races outside to King Kong in a storm. She runs after her and she tells her that Kong is sad and angry and doesn't believe that they want to help him. To everyone's shock and surprise, Kong makes the sign for "home" and she realizes that Kong is capable of communicating far more than she realizes. Lind asks her if Jia someone who can "keep the reins on Kong," but she replies that nobody can. He answers that Jia is the only one that Kong will communicate with and the world needs Kong.

Just then, the vessel's radiation detectors spike and it becomes clear that everyone's fears have come true - that Godzilla is attacking. Jia signs to set Kong free and Andrews agrees, knowing that it's the best chance of survival for everyone, including Kong. Although Lind is worried about the loss of the mission, Andrews argues that the mission is over anyway if Godzilla destroys them. Wilcox agrees and Kong is released. The battle begins and it quickly becomes clear that Kong is struggling. Godzilla comes in fast and hard, destroying much of the fleet. Admiral Wilcox shouts that they're running out of time, so Andrews suggests the use of depth charges as a means of confusing Godzilla. As the fight continues, she declares that it's not going to end until one of the Titans submits. Lind suggests shutting down everything and Andrews, impressed, agrees, saying that this will make Godzilla think he's won. They do so and Godzilla finally retreats, but Andrews points out that Godzilla will be back when they start moving again and asks what they plan to do now. "How's Kong with heights?" asks Lind, and thus they transport Kong the rest of the way via a fleet of helicopters.

The group arrives at Antarctica, but Kong is reluctant to travel through the opening that leads to Hollow Earth. Seeing this, Lind suggests that they have Jia tell Kong that there are others there like him. Andrews objects to the idea, pointing out that that they don't actually know this for sure, but Lind argues that they lost the whole fleet getting there and there's no way back for Kong. Andrews once again reluctantly agrees and has Jia tell Kong that his family might be down there. Hearing this, Kong finally agrees and the others follow behind him in specially designed Hollow Earth Aerial Vehicles, or H.E.A.V.s. Down inside Hollow Earth, Andrews directs everyone to follow as Kong moves quickly through the countryside. They eventually arrive at an ancient temple and Andrews realizes that her theory was right. "He's home," she declares happily, as Kong seats himself upon a carved throne.

Kong continues to explore the cave, discovering a battle axe which draws radiation from the core of the planet. Maia Simmons, part of the Apex Cybernetics accompanying the group, begins using a device to draw the same energy. Andrews demands to know what she's doing, pointing out that this is a power beyond their understanding and they can't simply draw into it. Maia, however, counters that they can, that her father gets what he wants. Andrews calls it the discovery of the century, saying that they can't simply strip it for parts, but Maia orders everyone to go, saying that they got what they needed. However, when her men threaten both Andrews and Jia, Kong becomes enraged. His anger awakens creatures in the cave, but he easily dispatches them, then turns on the Apex team. He kills them all, but is careful to spare Andrews and Jia, as well as Nathan Lind, who is with them.

Godzilla, drawn by the radiation, gauges a hole in the Earth's surface. Kong follows it upwards and engages him once more in battle. Meanwhile, Andrews, Jia and Lind make their way to the surface using their H.E.A.V. They witness as Kong loses again to Godzilla and then Godzilla is attacked by Mechagodzilla, Walter Simmons's robotic creation powered by the energy from Hollow Earth. They approach Kong and Jia signs to Andrews, indicating that she can feel Kong's heartbeat and that he is dying. She relays this information to Lind, saying that there's nothing that they can do because to restart his heart, they'd need to produce a charge big enough to... "...light up Las Vegas for a week?" suggests Lind, and they both turn to stare at the H.E.A.V. They rig it to restart Kong's heart and Jia convinces him that Godzilla is not the enemy and to join the fight.

Following the battle, Jia and Andrews find Lind face-down in the street. Andrews rolls him over, asking if he is okay. They then witness as King Kong and Godzilla acknowledge each other as equals and allies, before Godzilla retreats to the ocean. Sometime following this, King Kong is now living at the new monitoring station in Hollow Earth. Andrews watches happily as Kong goes for his morning walk in his new home.


Ilene Andrews is a dedicated scientist and linguist. Her pursuit of truth and knowledge is complemented by her nurturing nature as an adoptive mother. Having studied Kong for many years, she has sought to learn everything she can about him, but even she is surprised to learn that he never fully trusted her. She is cautious when it comes to new discoveries and despises those who would treat the secrets of the Earth as a simple, disposable resource.


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