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Slaying dragons is a Western concept. In the East, they are sacred. Divine creatures who brought wisdom, strength. Even redemption. „ 

— Ilene to Mark Russell


Dr. Ilene Chen is a character introduced in the 2019 MonsterVerse film, Godzilla: King of the Monsters. She is a scientist for Monarch and the twin sister of Dr. Ling Chen.


Shut up, Rick. „ 

— Ilene

Ilene is very spiritual and intelligent, being very rooted in myths and legends. She also seems to have something of a rivalry with Rick Stanton.



Ilene Chen grew up with a deep-seated interest in mythology, going by the lesson her grandmother Mei taught her, "Myth is our compass." She graduated from Tsinghua University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Myth and Fable and later got her Ph.D. in Comparative Mythology from Peking University. From her studies of ancient and forgotten tales, folklore, and superstitions, Ilene was able to build profiles on Titans lost to history.

On May 10, 2008, she became a third-generation Monarch operative in her family, after her mother and grandmother. With her twin sister Dr. Ling, Dr. Chen would continue a family legacy of making some of mankind's greatest evolutionary discoveries in the agency. Ilene became Monarch's leading mythologist, specializing in using ancient mythology as a guide for research and recon on Titans. In 2009, Ilene and Ling received word about a group of loggers in China's Yunnan province reporting strange "singing" from the rainforest. Connecting recordings of the sounds to local myths of singing forest spirits, the sisters led Dr. Emma Russell and her team through the surrounding mountains, which led to the discovery of the roughly 12,000-year-old Temple of the Moth and a giant chrysalis containing Mothra.[1]

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

It tells of a great dragon who fell from the stars. A Hydra whose storm swallowed both men and gods alike. „ 

— Ilene, about Ghidorah

Ilene is present at Monarch's Castle Bravo base, where she witnesses Godzilla's "intimidation display." She is a member of the team that follows Godzilla to Antarctica to intercept the release of Monster Zero.

Chen is aboard the USS Argo in Mexico to witness the awakening of Rodan, and the subsequent three-Titan battle before the US military detonates the Oxygen Destroyer missile, seemingly killing Godzilla.

Back at Castle Bravo, Chen provides insight on the origins of Monster Zero, revealing his name as "Ghidorah". When Mothra arrives at Castle Bravo to communicate with Godzilla, Ilene and the others discover that Godzilla survived the Oxygen Destroyer. She accompanies Mark, Serizawa, and Stanton on the USS Scorpion to revive the wounded Godzilla who is resting in the Hollow Earth. Chen then gives a farewell hug to Serizawa as he decides to sacrifice himself by manually activating the nuclear warhead to heal Godzilla. Chen is present in Boston to assist in the battle between Mothra, Rodan, Ghidorah, and Godzilla, where she witnesses Ghidorah's demise and Godzilla's crowning as the alpha Titan.

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  • Ilene seems to display a preternatural connection to Mothra during the film, such as when she seems to be aware of Mothra's approach during the Boston battle when Mothra's bioluminescent light precedes her arrival. Michael Dougherty confirmed that Ilene and Ling are intended to be an adaptation of the Shobijin.[2]


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