Jerks[1] (ジャークス,   Jākusu?) is a Mutian kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 1 of the 1996 tokusatsu kaiju series, Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd titled The Birth of Guyferd.


Heisei Series

Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd

Jerks began life as a short tempered, overconfident dojo master known as Taki. He starts on the path to mutation when he is visited by his former student Gou Kazama, who asks about his brothers whereabouts. This causes An-san to become unreasonably angry and tell Kazama that his brother ran away because he was scared he would lose to him in the upcoming martial arts tournament. An-san begins to fight with Gou, only to lose and be humiliated in front of his class. He later calls Gou on the telephone and pretends to have calmed down and offers to tell him what had really happened to Gou's brother. Goa meets An-san under a bridge, where he is ambushed by two Guyborgs who subdue Gou with an elephant-tranquilizing electric shock. No sooner does An-san ask what the taser was, than do they use it on him. An-san awakens in a surgical room, where doctors tell him that he will be made the strongest man in the world. They then drop the Fallah parasite onto his body, and he begins to mutate. Now called Jerks, he escapes his cell and leaves the Crown facility, only to find that some Guyborgs block his path to freedom. He destroys the assailants only to find that his adversary Gou Kazama]] remains. Jerks challenges Gou to a fight, but Gou refuses. Only after Jerks harms Gou's colleague. Jerks initially has the upper hand in their battle, but he is soon defeated when Gou transforms into Guyferd.



Gokuakushou is a kenpo technique that Jerks knew since he was Taki. After his mutation, Jerks was able to transform it into a ki attack. It can also be used to trap opponents.


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