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Jet Jaguar (ジェットジャガー,   Jettojagā?) of the Singular Point continuity was an artificial mecha built by the members of the Otaki Factory. It made its debut in the 2021 Netflix-exclusive animated series, Godzilla Singular Point.


In the anime, Jet Jaguar was named by its creator, Goro Otaki. Its original form was known as the Jet Jaguar Prototype, to designate it as the original working version. Its upgraded form was Jet Jaguar β,[1] indicating it was the succeeding variant to the prototype, and formally Jet Jaguar Yung after Yung, Yun's personal artificial intelligence construct who inhabits the mecha. After successfully rebooting, JJ adopted a new name for itself: Jet Jaguar PP.



Jet Jaguar had a similar design and color scheme to its previous incarnations and keeps the trademark "grin" of the original. Being a mecha created by a small-scale constructor, it appears somewhat crude, with ribbed rubber connectors protecting the joints, perforated metal sheets covering its cockpit, and three-fingered hands that appear to be adapted from industrial robots. Jet Jaguar's torso was rotund, allowing a human pilot to sit inside. JJ possesses a cubical backpack carrying its main battery bank, which can be ejected during an emergency.

Throughout the series, JJ had been continuously improved in response to the various kaiju threats that it faces. These modifications mostly concern Jet Jaguar's mobility, initially using two squat humanoid legs, moving to a wheeled tripod base derived from an industrial robot, and finally two longer humanoid legs, more reminiscent of the original Jet Jaguar, after its second refit. It also wields the Anguirus Spear as its main weapon after this point. During the penultimate episode, it was equipped with a helipack sporting two large rotors attached to his backpack.

After the "Protocol to make Jet Jaguar Invincible" protocol took effect, Jet Jaguar experienced huge growth, becoming several stories tall and was able to fight Godzilla toe-to-toe.


Jet Jaguar was created by Goro Otaki, director of the Otaki factory, with help from Yun Arikawa and Haberu Kato, as a "protector" against unspecified hostile threats. It was the mascot of the Otaki Factory, appearing on its logo.


Godzilla Singular Point


Jet Jaguar is mentioned twice by Yun Arikawa and Goro Otaki. Jet Jaguar is later seen physically in the Otaki Factory garage when Sato from Misakioku visited. Jet Jaguar later is seen in the summer monster festival before a Rodan attacks.


Jet Jaguar, piloted by Goro, battles the Rodan but is overpowered, losing its arm and leaving its creator injured in the process. Yun uses a "Play with Jet Jaguar" mode to distract the Rodan, so they can reboot the mech. By the time it reboots, it attacks the Rodan and is ordered by Yun to restrain the pterosaur. The Rodan then suddenly retreats to the sky, before screeching painfully and dying.


It is seen in the garage while the Otaki crew discuss how to resolve the situation when a whole flock of Rodans starts appearing in Nigashio.



Jet Jaguar has improved in this episode and now has Harvey's lower part (with wheels as feet). It is seen in the golf course to try to capture or exterminate a new monster called Anguirus. Anguirus later shows up, now bigger than before, and when Gen and his harpoon gun filled with gunpowder failed to defeat the spiked kaiju, Jet Jaguar confronts Anguirus and the two prepare to fight.


Anguirus and Jet Jaguar battle, with the former overpowering and later playing around with the latter. After Anguirus defeats military personnel when they tried to shoot at him, Jet Jaguar grabs Gen's harpoon gun and goes extremely close to Anguirus so he can't dodge it even if he sees into the future. Jet Jaguar shoots the harpoon at Anguirus' neck, presumably killing the beast. However, Anguirus survived the shot and begins attacking the area. Jet Jaguar tries to shoot at Anguirus again, but the kaiju uses his tail at the mech, causing its head to come off and is later flung away. Yun gets his AI, Yung, to take control of Jet Jaguar as he decides to act as the robot's backup eyes. After tricking Anguirus into jumping at them, they shoot the harpoon gun at the kaiju, this time at the head, killing Anguirus this time.


Jet Jaguar is upgraded in this episode even more, with its body becoming bigger and its legs now different. Yung is moved into the mech, now renamed Jet Jaguar Yung (or still Jet Jaguar for short). It also now has a weapon called the Anguirus Spear, a spear made from one of Anguirus's spikes. Yun also sends Mei Kamino a protocol to make Jet Jaguar invincible.


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Jet Jaguar and the Otaki team travel to Tokyo in an attempt to destroy Godzilla Ultima.


Jet Jaguar and Otaki factory drive into the red dust area in Tokyo where Godzilla resides. As they approach the formation, a flock of Rodan immediately swarm them and it leads into a chase. Jet Jaguar fights them off with its spear before the truck slides off the destroyed expressway viaduct, launching itself in the air and begin flying with Yun, on a booster seat attached to its back. As Jet Jaguar and Yun fly to Tokyo Station to defeat Godzilla, a parasitic kaiju knocks both Yun and Jet Jaguar onto his back, forcing Jet Jaguar PP to save Yun, who fell out of his booster seat, and tried to retrieve it. Jet Jaguar PP retrieves the booster seat, but they are then knocked out by Godzilla. Jet Jaguar falls into a canyon of rubble along with the Orthogonal Diagonalizer, critically damaged. This also knocks Yun to a building, in front of Godzilla.

The O.D. then receives the protocol to make Jet Jaguar invincible; and Jet Jaguar is exposed to the release of the weapon's Archetype. This also ends up fusing Pelops II, who has found the protocol within the SHIVA Union Compound in Upala, India, and Yung, who was inside the mech. Godzilla then tries to kill Yun, but Jet Jaguar PP, now bigger due to the protocol and Pelops II and Yung fusing together, prevents Godzilla from killing Yun and fights the kaiju head on. As Jet Jaguar PP fights Godzilla, the former tells Yun that they were encoded in both the lullaby and were the one who transmitted it from the future, with the code to avert the Catastrophe as it had destroyed the entire world in the timeline leading to that future. They also tell him that they will also be reincarnated time and time again. The right part of their head is wrecked in the fight, and they are severely damaged. Godzilla tries to use his atomic breath against Jet Jaguar PP, only for the latter to hold his mouth to prevent his atomic breath from destroying them and the surrounding area. Jet Jaguar looks toward Yun, with the other half of their head missing, saying a final farewell to him before the code activates, causing both they and Godzilla to disappear from existence. The sky clears up, and blue crystals appear all over Tokyo, indicating that the Catastrophe was finally averted in their timeline, but at the cost of both Jet Jaguar and the fused Pelops II and Yung.


Strength and Combat Proficiency

The initial Jet Jaguar had sufficient strength to take Rodan's original form, using its durability, mass, and mechanical arms to occupy the flying kaiju until it overexerted itself. In its second form, it was unable to overpower Anguirus, but held out long enough to take two point-blank harpoon shots into the beast, which eventually killed the kaiju. In its third form it was completely autonomous, not needing a human pilot to control it. Combined with its longer legs and Anguirus Spear, it was capable of holding its own against a swarm of Kumongas, despite being vastly outnumbered. After becoming Jet Jaguar PP, it was able to fight Godzilla himself, being able to take and dish out hits against the monster's melees.


Initially, Jet Jaguar was primarily human controlled, with some programmed routines that can take over should the human pilot be incapacitated. After it was inhabited by Yung, Jet Jaguar became fully autonomous, and no longer required a human pilot. Yung swiftly mastered control over the robot's body, as seen when, with aid, was able to defeat Anguirus despite being heavily damaged. After its second refit, Jet Jaguar quickly became adept in using its spear, being able to use it to combat multiple Kumongas while protecting humans. It was capable of consistently winning games of rock, paper, scissors by analyzing the change in the mannerisms of its opponents.

During a trip to the seaside, Yung contemplated its existence within a physical body, discussing with Yun and showing a philosophical side to its personality.

While on their way to Godzilla, Yung was affected by the "Tyger" poem, forcing it to shut down and attempt several reboots. After successfully reactivating, Jet Jaguar took on a childish persona, referring to Yun as "mama". Despite this, its combat prowess and motor abilities were still unaffected. The invincibility protocol merged the conscience of both Jung and Pelops II, and granted them the intelligence fitting of a quantum computer, claiming that they "knew everything from the beginning, but couldn't remember" initially. They had claimed that they were the source of the lullaby that attracted the Kaiju in the first place, and that Jet Jaguar itself was the code to the Orthogonal Diagonalizer. This was proven when the OD was successfully triggered, cleansing Tokyo from the Red Dust and erasing Godzilla.


Jet Jaguar's greatest asset was perhaps its mobility, being able to move swiftly despite its large size. This was reflected in its refits, which primarily concern its mobility systems. With its initial bipedal legs, it was able to match the first Rodan in combat, being able to dodge several of the creature's attacks. In its second form, JJ was granted a tripodal wheeled base, which allowed it to run off-road at great speeds despite carrying a large harpoon cannon. This speed was crucial in its fight against Anguirus, being able to intercept or outrun the kaiju effectively. With its longer bipedal legs, Jet Jaguar becomes ever more agile, being able to keep its balance while wielding a very heavy spear and even performing jumps and flips while carrying it, showing an excellent agility in combat.


In Tokyo, Jet Jaguar was equipped with a large helipack, granting it flight. Despite some difficulty, it was capable of attacking with its spear while in flight, slaughtering several Rodan with its slashes.


Despite its durability, Jet Jaguar can be damaged by sufficiently powerful attacks, which may require a lengthy rebuilding period to return it to combat-ready status. This had been shown multiple times in the series, where JJ loses an arm and suffers several damaged systems after its fight with the Rodan, decapitation and a damaged wheelbase after the fight with Anguirus, and a missing powerpack after the fight with the Kumongas. Its helipack also gave it some problems, as the motors were underpowered and unreliable, often cutting out while in flight.

Jet Jaguar was powered by a battery in its backpack, which was limited in capacity and encumbers the robot somewhat. The battery may deplete after particularly strenuous activities, which will require JJ to recharge its power reserves. The robot does have an emergency power supply, which it can use to retreat from combat. During such a scenario it can eject the main battery pack on its back, lightening its load and enabling it a quick getaway.

Ultimately, Jet Jaguar was unable to withstand point-blank blasts from Godzilla Ultima's Atomic Breath, despite its invincibility protocol and massive growth. Despite this, they managed to fight Godzilla quite effectively until their destruction.


  • This incarnation of Jet Jaguar marks the character's second return to the franchise after 40 years since his live debut in Godzilla vs. Megalon and his comic debut in Godzilla: Rulers of Earth.
  • This was the first incarnation of Jet Jaguar that can speak/talk.
  • This was the first incarnation of Jet Jaguar to be confirmed destroyed.
  • This was the first incarnation to be actually hostile to Godzilla.




This is a list of references for Jet Jaguar (Singular Point continuity). These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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