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Jia is a character who first appeared in the 2021 film, Godzilla vs. Kong. She is a young orphaned Iwi that was adopted by Ilene Andrews and has a kinship bond with Kong.


Kingdom Kong

At the end of the graphic novel, Jia was standing in the Iwi village.

Godzilla vs. Kong

Jia, who is 10 years old is the child of two local Iwi natives of Skull Island. Her parents were killed by Skull Crawlers. 3 years before the events of Godzilla vs Kong, Camazotz's rampage on Skull Island caused dangerous and unpredictable storms that eventually wiped out most of the Iwi. However, Jia herself was spared thanks to Kong protecting her, and the two formed a bond and kinship. Dr. Ilene Andrews, a Monarch scientist investigating Kong and the storms at the time, also took in the orphaned Jia as her adoptive daughter.

Jia sits, fashioning a doll of Kong, which she holds out to him. Kong considers the doll, but then tosses a spear he fashioned from a tree-branch, breaching Skull Island's biodome. Jia then rushes up to Ilene Andrews, telling her that Kong is angry. Andrews then tells her to leave and go wait for her and she reluctantly does so. Jia is later present during Andrews's discussion with Nathan Lind about the plan to bring Kong to Hollow Earth. She signs to Andrews that Skull Island is Kong's home and theirs, but Jia only frowns at this. Andrews grabs her by the shoulder, telling her to come with her.

The group boards the aircraft carrier used to deliver Kong to Antarctica. Observing Kong tethered to the vessel, Lind comments that he can smell him even from up there. Andrews quips that he's still not a fan and Jia signs "Coward." Lind asks what she's saying and Andrews lies that it's an Iwi expression that means that he's very brave. As Lind, leaves, however, Andrews makes the "coward" sign back at Jia, who grins and nods. That evening, as the vessel steers into stormy waters, Jia awakes with a start, hearing Kong moaning. She heads out to the deck to see Kong, who is moaning in protest. The two touch fingers in solidarity and then Andrews approaches Jia, asking what she's doing. Jia points to Kong, telling her that he's sad and angry. Andrews answers that it's because he doesn't understand that they want to help him, but Jia replies that he told her that he doesn't believe them. "Home," grunts Kong, signing the word, and Andrews jaw drops as she realizes what is going on.

As the vessel sails over calmer waters, Andrews meets with Jia, asking her why she didn't tell her the truth. Jia signs back that Kong didn't want her to know, that he was afraid. "Now everyone knows," Andrews points out. Jia seems troubled by this. Afterwards, Andrews reports to Lind and they discuss Jia's shared bond with Kong and how he'd be tearing the ship apart if not for her. They consider whether Kong would take direction from her, but agree that nobody can keep the reins on Kong. Nevertheless, Lind points out that Jia is the only one Kong will communicate with and that they need Kong. At this point, Godzilla attacks the fleet. In the melee, Andrews and Jia are both very nearly drowned, but manage to survive. Jia can only watch as the conflict between Kong and Godzilla unfolds. The group ultimately survives by shutting down all power and engines to trick Godzilla into thinking they are dead. Afterwards, Jia signs to the exhausted Kong, thanking him as a friend.

The group arrives at Antarctica and Jia signs to Kong, indicating the portal leading to Hollow Earth and telling him that it is home. He seems reluctant and Lind suggests having her tell him that there are others like him there, but Andrews points out that they don't know that. She finally compromises, however, telling Jia to tell Kong that there could be others like him there. "Family?" wonders Jia, smiling. "I don't know," admits Andrews, but says that she hopes so. Jia communicates it to Kong and Kong finally uses the portal, the group following behind using specially designed Hollow Earth Aerial Vehicles. The group arrives in Hollow Earth and watches in awe and at times, disgust, as Kong fights off Hollow Earth's monstrous creatures. Jia smiles, watching Kong roaming the wilds of Hollow Earth.

Kong eventually arrives at a sort of throne room, where he discovers an axe, as well as the power source sought by Apex Cybernetics. The Apex team begins drilling into the power source and when Andrews tries to protest, the Apex guards turn their guns on both her and Jia. Seeing this, Kong roars in anger, but before any further move can be made, Maia Simmons calls for an evacuation, saying they got what they needed. Kong, however, enraged, attacks and kills the Apex team, though Jia, Andrews and Lind manage to escape the carnage. Godzilla attacks and the group flees through a hole back to Hong Kong, where Godzilla and Kong battle it out. Kong is badly injured in the fight and Jia despairs, seeing him nearly comatose.

As Godzilla battles the newly launched threat of Mechagodzilla, unleashed by Apex Cybernetics, Jia approaches Kong and kneels before him. She places her hand to the ground and detects a faint heartbeat. Her eyes tear up and Andrews approaches, placing a hand on her shoulder. She signs to Andrews that Kong's heartbeat is slowing down. They realize that they need to restart his heart and use the power from their HEAV to do so. Jia then waves to the revived Kong, telling him that Godzilla is not the enemy. He roars, staring at Mechagodzilla clobbering Godzilla, and she tells him that is the enemy. "It's true," she signs and he seems to nod in understanding. She pleads with him to be careful and he rises, ready to join the fight. He then joins with Godzilla to destroy Mechagodzilla. Jia and Andrews then hug in the celebration afterwards, when suddenly the shriek of Godzilla fills the air. The group then watches as Kong and Godzilla acknowledge each other before Godzilla retreats to the sea.

Sometime later, Jia plays happily in a stream in a new Monarch observation facility in Hollow Earth. As Kong comes around for a morning walk, the two smile at each other. "Home," he signs to her and her grin widens.


I know Jia is only a child. But she's the only one he'll communicate with. And we need Kong to find that power source. The world needs him. „ 

Nathan Lind

Jia is deaf and communicates entirely using sign language. She has formed a unique bond with Kong and is able to communicate with him, but has kept this a secret from her adoptive mother, Ilene, because Kong told her that he was afraid. Jia is very brave, not at all afraid to approach Kong, even knowing his great strength and potential for violence. She joins the joint Monarch and Apex Cybernetics journey to Hollow Earth, willingly risking the great dangers involved in order to stand by Kong.



Jia can communicate through sign language and talk to Kong through it.


Jia is capable of sensing the presence of Titans by picking up vibrations of their movements and heartbeat.


Ilene Andrews

Ilene Andrews is Jia's adoptive mother. The two are very close with each other and communicate using sign language. Ilene is very protective of Jia and Jia in turn sometimes protects her to the degree she is able to. Nevertheless, Jia does not always share everything with Ilene, such as the true degree of her bond with Kong.


Jia has formed a very special bond with King Kong. The two are able to communicate via sign language and Jia is the only person that Kong trusts enough to communicate with in this manner. Jia's adoptive mother Ilene Andrews had tried basic signs with Kong and suspected he might understand, but was unable to connect with him. Jia is often able to understand what Kong is feeling and serves as a bridge between him and the other members of the Monarch team. She cares deeply for Kong and is often able to calm him down in situations where everything else has failed. In return, Kong is protective of Jia in a manner not seen between him and any other human. Also right before Kong kills Maia by crushing the H.E.A.V. she was in, he briefly peeked inside to make sure that Jia or Ilene or Nathan wasn't inside.

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  • According to costume designer Ann Foley, Jia's necklace is made from Skullcrawler teeth.[citation needed]
  • In Chinese, "jiā" (家) means "home".