Jikiro (ジキロ?) is a Terro-Beast created by Toho that appeared in the 1973 episode of Zone Fighter, Destroy the Terror Beast Missile!.


Jikiro resembles a robotic reptile. It has a hunched back, which results in its head being over its chest. His head is reptilian in appearance and has two red metal horns. on its sides. The top of his body has two pylons rising out of it. His right hand can open as a pair of claws but also functions as a cannon, and his left hand has four sharp spikes instead of fingers. Jikiro also has what looks like a giant red screw protruding from the top of his body. Just underneath this 'screw' is a large yellow lamp. Jikiro's body is mostly a metallic silver, but his kneecaps and elbow-plating are red.


Zone Fighter

Shortly after the defeat of Red Spark, Jikiro was deployed in a missile by the Garogas, and arrived on Earth whilst Hikaru was still transformed into Zone Fighter. Although at first Jikiro's magnetic abilities slowed Zone down, the decision to launch Jikiro so soon was a grave mistake, and he was destroyed quickly by Zone.

Later, the Garogas would reuse Jikiro's wreckage to create a more powerful variant of Mecha called 'Super Jikiro'.


  • Jikiro can utilise a strong magnetic field which can restrain opponents.
  • Jikiro can fire various weapons from the guns on his body and hands.
  • Jikiro is also able to shoot a jolt of high-voltage lightning from his hand.


Jikiro uses King Kong's roars mixed with metallic screeches.

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