Jipudoro (シップドロー,   Shippudorō?, Shipdoror) is a kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the tenth episode of Zone Fighter, Zone Fighter Annihilated.


Jipudoro resembles a cross between an Octopus and a Starfish. He has a large head with three eyes on the top of it, and long sucker-covered tendrils extending from it, obscuring his bulbous body. He has relatively fat legs, and thin arms. He also has red armour plating on his torso.


Zone Fighter

Jipudoro was sent by the Garoga as a distraction to make Zone Fighter (Character) grow big. They battled and Jipudoro was left injured on the ground.

Right when Zone was about to leave, Shadorah's energy caused him to collapse. This bought the two monsters some time to escape and recover.


Jipudoro is probably the weakest Terror-Beast of them all, since his only purpose of creation was to be used as a distraction. He has no special abilities but can use basic punches and kicks.



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