John Lee is a Bio-Major agent that appears in the 1989 film, Godzilla vs. Biollante.


Heisei Series

Godzilla vs. Biollante

In 1990, Lee and his partner Michael Low were sent by Bio-Major to stake out Genshiro Shiragami's laboratory on the shores of Lake Ashi. When Shiragami began work on the Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria at the request of the Japanese government, Lee and Low broke into his lab at night to steal information on the project.

During their raid, they encountered the Saradian agent SSS9, who had also come to steal information on the ANEB. Lee and Low engaged in a gunfight with SSS9 in the lab until they were attacked by Biollante, the result of Shiragami blending Godzilla cells with those of a rose and his deceased daughter. Biollante grabbed Michael Low with her tendrils and strangled him to death, while Lee escaped.

Later, Lee planted explosives on Mount Mihara on Izu Oshima, where Godzilla had been imprisoned since 1984. He sent a message to the Japanese government demanding they hand over the ANEB to Bio-Major or else Godzilla will be released. The government sent Goro Gondo and Dr. Kazuhito Kirishima to hand over the ANEB.

They met Lee and handed him a briefcase containing the ANEB. Lee opened the back of his truck and allowed Gondo and Kirishima to disarm the explosives. However, they were all shot at with sniper fire. Lee accused Gondo and Kirishima of setting him up, but Gondo replied that was his line. Lee looked over at a hilltop and realized the sniper was SSS9, the Saradian agent that attacked him and Low at Shiragami's lab. Lee got into his truck and tried to drive away, but SSS9 shot him directly in the forehead, killing him and causing the truck to overturn.

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