Kabutojira (カブトギラー,,   Kabutogirā?) is a kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 25 of Zone Fighter, Carnage! Zone & Godzilla vs. The Allied Terror-Beast Forces.


Kabutojira's name is derived from Kabuto (冑?), a helmet worn by Samurai in Japan's medieval period.


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Zone Fighter

Like several other Terror-Beasts, Kabutojira had shrunk down into a capsule, and was loaded into a Terror-Beast Missile. This missile landed near Mina's house. The Zone Family had been searching for these capsules all day when Kabutojira's capsule was discovered. Hikaru arrived, but it was too late, and Kabutojira was released. Hikaru transformed into Zone Fighter, and they clashed! Eventually, Zone was successful, and went off towards the Okutama Mountains to seek out the remaining capsules.


  • Kabutojira can be shrunk down and placed into a capsule to avoid being detected. After three hours, the capsule will explode, and revert him back to normal.
  • Kabutojira's forearms are a pair of massive swords, which he can use to slice or stab at opponents.
  • Kabutojira can fire a stream of white mist from his mouth that either melts objects or causes explosions.


  • Along with the other Terror-Beasts that appear in Kabutojira's debut, his ability to be shrunk down into a capsule may be a reference to Ultraseven's capsule monsters.

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