Kaito (海斗,   Gaito?) also known as Monster Uncle (怪獣おじさん,   Kaijū Ojisan?) is a character created by Toho that first appeared in episode 24 of Go! Godman, Godman vs Wolflar and Gejiba.


Kaito is seen in an amusement park where he is playing ball with some children. When the ball goes out towards a bridge, a woman goes to grab it, but is stopped by a giant monster named Trilorn who begins rampaging. They decide to strap explosives to the ball and fire it at the monster with a makeshift slingshot. But, the explosion is ineffective and Trilorn begins emitting a noxious smoke. They all call out to Godman who comes in to save them and eventually defeats the monster. Later, Kaito dreams that he is attacked by a humanoid monster named Ibogilar. They call for Godman who attempts to save them, but is overpowered by its acrobatic skills. When Godman tries to use any of his weapons, Ibogilar steals the weapon with his powers. Realizing defeat, Godman runs down a hill but trips and falls. Nearing closer to him, Ibogilar begins walking down the hill to finish Godman off. But, Kaito then awakens from his dream after being shaken by the children.

In the next episode, two more monsters, Sutegojiras and Akumon abduct a girl from the group of children, and begin running away towards their master, ???. The woman urges Kaito to chase after them, so he does. But, Sutegojiras blows darts at him, sticking him to a tree. The monster also ties up the woman to a nearby tree later. Luckily, Godman comes in and eventually defeats the two monsters, retrieving the girl.

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