Kiko is an infant giant ape kaiju created by RKO Pictures that first appeared in the 1933 King Kong film, Son of Kong.


Kiko's name may come from combining the first two letters of both words in King Kong's name. Kiko is never referred to by name in the film itself, but is called either "Little Kong" or just "Baby."


Kiko closely resembles his father, but stands about 12 feet tall and possesses white fur and light gray skin.


Son of Kong

Kiko was encountered by Carl Denham and the beautiful stowaway girl Hilda on Skull Island in the months following King Kong's rampage and death in New York. Much more gentle than his father, Kiko tagged along with Denham and Hilda as they explored the island. When they were attacked by a giant cave bear, Kiko protected them and defeated the bear, and later did the same when they were attacked by a Styracosaurus. When an earthquake struck Skull Island and tore the island apart, Kiko helped Denham and Hilda to escape, sacrificing his own life in the process as he drowned.


Kiko seems to have inherited his father's strength and intelligence. Despite his young age, Kiko is a capable combatant as he is able to fight and defeat a giant cave bear and a Styracosaurus, using both brute strength and strategy.

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