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Poacher's Prize
King's Ransom
Little Bots, Big Problems

King's Ransom is the fifth episode of Kong: King of the Apes.


The episode opens with Amy Kwan being kidnapped by an invisible Bionobot. Richard Remy then contacts Lucas Remy to tell him that he has nothing to do with his disappearance, and suggests that Lucas begin using his expertise to track her. It is then revealed that Richard kidnapped Amy to learn the location of Lucas's hideout, while Botila leads the protagonists astray with a few radar pings. Lucas dives into San Francisco Bay to search Amy's car, but is attacked by two Bionobot Megalodons. Kong defeats them, and they pick up another signal from Amy's phone. Meanwhile, Richard tries to seduce Amy by offering her a position as her partner, a statement that makes Botila quite jealous. At the second signal's location, the team is caught by police, but Kong defeats them and they escape. They then decide to fly on Kong's back to Alcatraz island to search for Amy. Inside, they find Richard's first Bionobot (a miniature Tyrannosaurus rex) on guard with an electrified whip. Doug Jones takes the whip and uses it as a weapon against Botila, who fakes being damaged by it to get rid of Amy. Outside, Richard unsuccessfully tries to stop them with Bionobots, and they escape, however Botila planted a tracking device on Amy's collar.




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