King Caesar (キングシーサー,   Kingu Shīsā?) is the second incarnation of the ancient shisa that appears in the film Godzilla: Final Wars. The giant beast ravaged Okinawa before battling Godzilla, along with Rodan and Anguirus.


King Caesar's name is a reference to the shisa, a creature from the Okinawan mythical creature that his design was also based off. His name in English was originally King Seesar, but was then changed to the more traditional name of King Caesar.


FinalShisa is similar to ShodaiShisa, but has some small differences. His ears are bigger, and he has less fur, only reaching down to its chest. The legs also have small amounts of fur. There is a crown on the head.


King Caesar's roar was reused from the 1962 Kong, with it being mixed in with loud roars.


In Godzilla: Final Wars, King Caesar is one of the many monsters used by the Xiliens in their campaign to conquer the Earth. Unlike his Showa counterpart, this version of King Caesar has no established origin or connection to Okinawa, sans a brief scene where he is shown attacking it under the Xiliens' control.


King Caesar was first seen attacking Okinawa, until he was teleported away by the Xiliens. Once the trust between the aliens and humans was broken, King Caesar was released once again. Alongside Rodan and Anguirus, King Caesar was one of the final monsters controlled by the Xiliens to confront Godzilla as he neared Tokyo.

Transported to the Japanese countryside with his allies by the Xilien UFOs α, ß and γ, King Caesar proved to be an agile and intelligent opponent. He was eventually thrown by Godzilla into his two allies, leaving them all unconscious. His fate was ultimately left unknown.


Physical Strength

King Caesar has shown incredible strength, kicking Anguirus around like a ball so hard, it threw him across at least a couple hundred meters away.


King Caesar has survived multiple beatings from Godzilla, getting thrown around, even on Anguirus' carapace.


King Caesar has been shown to be incredibly swift and fast, outpacing Godzilla. King Caesar was able to jump around, getting on top of a mountain to launch himself, as well as jumping up to kick Anguirus.


  • King Caesar is the savior of Okinawa, but ironically, in Godzilla: Final Wars, he attacked the city he protected for generations. However, it should be noted that Godzilla: Final Wars isn't a part of the Showa continuity, and that King Caesar was under the control of the Xiliens, and therefore was not acting as he should have been.
  • In King Caesar's first on-screen appearance in Godzilla: Final Wars, a traditional Japanese style roof can be seen in the foreground with a shisa statue on it.
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