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Why, in a few months, his name will be up in lights on Broadway! Kong! The Eighth Wonder of the World! „ 

Carl Denham (King Kong)

King Kong (キングコング,   Kingu Kongu?) is a giant gorilla kaiju created by Universal Pictures that first appeared in the 2005 film of the same name.



Kong is a 25 foot (7.6 meters) tall bulky primate who closely resembles a realistic adult male silverback gorilla with a muscular body, dark skin and thick, ragged black hair with some patches of grey fur that covers his entire body, except for his face, ears, hands and feet. Unlike his previous incarnations, he only walks on fours like a real-life gorilla instead of walking upright in an anthropomorphic manner. Kong displays a misaligned broken jaw, crooked teeth, leaves stuck in his hair along with dry crusted blood caked to it and scars all over his body (his most distinguishing feature is a crescent shaped gash near his right eye which seems to have a collapsed eye socket), confirming that he has been through fights with the island's fauna during his time on Skull Island. Like all gorillas, Kong has a pot-bellied appearance and is equipped with large sharp canine teeth, except his lower left one appears to be broken while a snaggletooth sometimes protrudes from his mouth even when he closes it.


For the 2005 film, Kong is portrayed with CGI aided by Andy Serkis' motion capture performance.


For the 2005 film, Kong's vocal effects are provided by Andy Serkis that were then lowered in pitch to match those of a real-life gorilla and then adapted from the vocalizations of big cats (such as lions, tigers and leopards), walruses, bears, elephants and horses.

When angered or in pain, Kong can be heard making roars that are identical to the trolls from The Lord of the Rings series and the Predator from the Predator franchise. Some of his roaring in Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie were reused for the Hulk in the Marvel film The Incredible Hulk. Some of his roars also have parts of those from The Deadly Mantis spliced into them.


Unlike his previous incarnations, Kong is portrayed as being animalistic such as behaving like an ordinary gorilla and possesses intelligence comparable to those of ordinary apes, although some of his movements suggest a superior intelligence more comparable to humans. He was seen intelligently tossing Ann Darrow around from hand to hand (and to foot) during his fight with the V. rexes. Kong also displayed surprisingly advanced fighting tactics during that battle and later appeared to playfully scoff at Ann just before picking her up and placing her on his shoulder, apparently realizing that she needs him more than he needs her.

Kong appears to be very affectionate, friendly and playful, shown when he seemed to enjoy playing with Ann, first when he knocked her over repeatedly as he seemed to enjoy watching her fall down, then later in Central Park in New York City. Kong is shown to be very protective, as he was over Ann, risking his own life multiple times to protect her after seemingly having formed a bond. Like an overprotective parent, Kong reacts immediately to her screams of terror, and aids her with no regard for the danger (even the fighter planes, which he couldn't have possibly ever seen before). Kong is proved to be very intelligent as he is capable of understanding certain human words (or at least understanding a meaning to the sound), shown when repeated the sign for "beautiful" to Ann, who had spoken it to him earlier in his lair. Due to his social isolation and lack of interaction with others of his kind, Kong was understandably bad tempered. Whereas his 1933 incarnation was just a straight-up possessive vicious monster, Kong is given a lot more emphasis on his emotional state, emphasizing his loneliness and how he comes to view Ann as a surrogate family member. Even during his rampage in New York, Kong is shown tossing the women he mistakes for Ann in the street aside fairly gently.

He also seemed desperate for social interaction as it is explained that he took the Skull Islander's offerings, although they seemed to have suffered gruesome deaths such as accidental fatalities by Kong or other dangers of Skull Island. This need for social interaction is also the main reason Kong was incredibly protective of Ann, even towards Jack Driscoll and the crew of the Venture, fighting off dangerous predators in a savage fury and even using himself as a shield in such instances.


In the 2005 remake, Kong is the last living member of a giant species of ape that lives on the mysterious Skull Island, which is inhabited by other giant creatures as well as a tribe of natives that worship him as a god.

Supplementary materials for the 2005 film reveal that Kong is the last member of a species called Megaprimatus kong, which likely descended from Gigantopithecus, the largest primate to ever live.


In 1976, a federal judge ruled that the character and film rights to King Kong (aside from the 1933 film, which belonged to RKO, and the 1976 film and its sequel, which belonged to De Laurentiis and Paramount) belonged to Merian C. Cooper's estate, and the majority of the rights to King Kong reverted to Cooper's son, Richard. Cooper almost immediately sold all of his rights to Universal Pictures, who retains them to this day.

Universal considered producing their own remake of the 1933 film in the late 1990s, but the releases of a remake of Mighty Joe Young and Godzilla in 1998 caused them to postpone it. Universal finally produced a remake in 2005, which was financially and critically successful. In 2014, Universal entered a legal partnership with Legendary Pictures, and the two companies began production on a new film, Kong: Skull Island, set for a 2017 release, however in 2015 Legendary moved the production from Universal to its previous partner, Warner Bros.

King Kong

In 1933, Carl Denham's cast and film crew arrived on the island. After Denham unintentionally provoked the Skull Islanders, Mike (the sound designer) is killed, causing the leading lady Ann Darrow to scream in terror. Ann's scream caused Kong to respond by roaring back, encouraging the shaman to use Ann as a sacrifice. Later that night, the Skull Islanders abducted Ann and offered her as a sacrifice to Kong. The giant ape answered to the tribal music and inspected Ann, touching her face with his massive hand before grabbing her and taking her deeper into the jungle, stopping at a rock ledge where the corpses of Kong's previous sacrifices lay scattered. Ann however, jabbed his hand with spikes on her ceremonial necklace and made a run for it. Kong quickly recaptured her and brought her to an ancient ruin where, when Ann appeared to him to be unconscious, he sat down to rest so he can eat some bamboo.

Upon discovering that she had escaped, Kong made his way behind the ruins and slammed his great forearms down to trap Ann and he moved all around to prevent her from leaving. However, much to Kong's confusion and eventual amusement, Ann used her training as a dancer and a comedian which worked. However, when she needed rest, Kong simply knocked her down a few times, hooting with laughter and excitement. Despite this, she soon got weary and pushed his hand away, refusing to allow Kong to push her around anymore. Kong immediately throws a tantrum and starts to hurl rocks and trees off a cliff, but calms down after he is unexpectedly struck on the head by a falling boulder, nearly knocking him unconscious and realizing the error of his ways. However, upon sensing the presence of the explorers in the jungle who are searching for Ann after they got caught between a herd of Brontosaurus and a pack of Venatosaurus, Kong left to investigate, leaving Ann all alone.

Hiding in a cavern, Kong spied Benjamin Hayes and charged at the man after he shot at him, snatching him up and eyeing the latter with curiosity for a few seconds before throwing him against the far rock wall of a pit beneath the group, cracking Hayes' spine and killing him. In response to Hayes' death, Jack Driscoll and the rest of the search party began to open fire on Kong, angering him to the point he began to shake and push the giant log they are standing on loose, causing the search party to fall down deeper to the deepest part of the caverns, where they are attacked by giant insects and worms, until Preston, Carl, Jack and Hayes' apprentice Jimmy are rescued by Bruce Baxter and Captain Englehorn. Jack decides to continue searching for Ann while Carl decides to capture Kong.

Hearing Ann screaming in the distance and sensing that she is in danger, Kong ran to her aid just as a female Vastatosaurus rex was about to devour her. Kong swung down and kicked the matriarch in the face before grabbing her neck to keep her from getting to Darrow. Just then, a juvenile V-rex wandered out of the jungle swallowing the remains of a Foetodon that chased Ann earlier before seeing Darrow relatively unguarded in the ape's free hand. It ran toward her, and Kong moved her out of the way to allow the beast to bite down on his forearm before using the grip to throw it off balance. The two then closed in for the kill on Kong, from the top of which a much larger male V-rex attacked Kong from behind. The four beasts wrestled for a bit before Kong crushed the younger V-rex's skull with a boulder, killing it before the matriarch bit Kong's arm. Kong used this as leverage to flip her over his shoulder and off a cliff. He kicked her over the edge and sank his teeth into the neck of the male before tackling it into a crevice.

Kong tried to hold on to the edge, but the matriarch's powerful jaws grabbed his ankle and dragged Kong down, where the animals became entangled in vines. As Kong fought against the female while higher up, the male tried to maneuver itself to devour Ann, but Kong pummeled the beast and repeatedly bashed its head against a canyon wall until its neck snapped while Ann fell on top of the matriarch's head. They both fell to the valley floor and the female tried to chase Ann down, but Kong dropped down right behind her and confronted the creature. After a moment of snarling and sizing each other up, the matriarch charged at Kong, who grabbed the dinosaur by the jaws and bit off her tongue before climbing on the female's back. She tried to stand up, but Kong's weight was too great, and he wrestled the female to the ground, pummeling her head until he pries her jaws apart, snapping them and crushing her skull in the process. After checking that the female is dead by playing with her jaws, Kong celebrated with a roar of victory.

In the aftermath, Kong began to walk away, but Ann called to him and began following. Kong then flipped her up onto his shoulder and resumed the trek to his lair in the mountains of Skull Island. Moving past the skeletal corpses of deceased Megaprimatus Kongs, Kong set Ann down at the summit and sat on his perch overlooking the sunset, looking rather depressed. Ann tried to amuse him with her juggling tricks, but with no effect. Upon noticing the beauty of the sunset, Ann tried to convey the feeling to Kong with a simple sign of a hand over her heart, but Kong couldn't understand what she was saying to him. He then layed down his hand and allowed her to fall asleep.

In the night, Jack, who had made his way to Kong's lair, arrived to rescue Ann and finds her clutched in Kong's hand while he is sleeping. Before he could get her out of the ape's hand, Kong suddenly awakens. Realizing that Jack was trying to take Ann away from him and believing him to be an intruder who wandered into his territory, Kong attempted to smash the man with his fist, but the commotion disturbs a swarm of bat-like Terapusmordax, who began to attack Kong. With Kong distracted as he slapped and tore at the beasts while they continue to attack him, Jack and Ann are able to escape down the cliffside on a vine. Kong soon discovered Ann missing and found them. As he began reeling the two back in, Jack grabbed a Terapusmordax and dropped into the river below. With a bellow of sorrow and hurt, Kong left his lair and gave pursuit. Kong, not knowing he was headed into a trap set up by Denham and his crew, chased Ann and Jack all the way back to the village, where he slammed on the gargantuan gate to try to get to Ann, who had passed to the other side.

When he finally broke through the gate, Kong was brought to the ground with grappling hooks before a bottle of chloroform gas was broken under his face, and a net was dropped on him. Still wanting to get to Ann upon observing the sailors taking her away, this gave him a second wind as he was able to break free and run after her and the sailors to the shore via a tunnel. By the time Kong caught up while fighting and killing several sailors, Jimmy shot at him, causing Kong to strike the boat and destroy it. However, after seeing this, Englehorn fired a harpoon at Kong that struck him in the thigh, making him slow down. Carl then struck Kong by throwing another chloroform bottle in his face, which finally brought him down and severely weakening him. Kong reached his hand out to Ann in a last attempt to grab her, but fails as he eventually loses consciousness. As Denham stood over Kong's unconscious body, he vowed he would bring Kong home as "The Eighth Wonder of the World".

Kong was taken back to New York City on board the Venture, and was placed in chrome steel chains and put on display inside the Alhambra theater on Broadway. He sat sorrowfully in his chains as Denham displayed his purported docility, and allowed the men to tighten his restraints, raising Kong's arms to two poles in the process. Kong then sat as a show imitating the native sacrifices to him was put on at his feet and a blonde woman was offered to the ape. Not being able to see her face, Kong grew hopeful and strained to see his loved one again, only to find another actress playing her role, causing him to bellow with rage. However, as photographers shot pictures from offstage, Kong began to get violent and strain his restraints with his flailing. Roaring in anger, Kong broke his right hand free, picked up the fake Darrow and admired her before throwing her into the crowd. He then got his left hand out and leapt out of his leg chains before starting to wreck the theater. When most other people were gone, Kong then turns his attention to Jack, who was standing on the second floor balcony. Remembering Jack as the one who took Ann away from him earlier, Kong began to try to climb up to chase him, bringing the second floor seating down due to his immense weight and size.

After breaking out over the theater marquee, Kong began frantically picking up blonde women that resemble Ann and throwing them aside when they aren't even her. Bewildered and confused by his new surroundings, Kong began to destroy Times Square, at one point attacking a trolley that rammed into him. Kong only stopped attacking when he suddenly catches sight of Jack driving in a taxi and resumed his attempt to kill him. Kong chased Jack through the streets and was eventually able to slam his fist on the cab, disabling it. Before Kong can kill Jack, he suddenly calms down upon sensing Ann's presence and looked over to see her slowly approaching him. She placed her hand on his huge forearm and he gently picked her up, allowing Ann to stroke his face. Kong then slowly carried her down the deserted streets onto a frozen lake in Central Park. There, he lost his footing on the ice before enjoying himself by sliding around on its slippery surface. Sadly, this break of tension would not last, as the army began to fire upon him with heavy artillery. Kong frantically took Ann and began to run to safety before coming across the Empire State Building, believing it to a safe place so that nobody can even bother him. He then began to climb the building and sat the base of the mooring mast, holding Ann in one hand as the sun began to rise. To signify that he found it beautiful, Kong patted his hand on his chest repeatedly, mimicking Ann's movement from his lair. Their peace was then interrupted yet again by six biplanes.

Kong put Ann down and snarled at them before climbing to the top of the tower and sweeping the radio antennae out of his way as the planes return for another pass. While the planes began shooting at Kong, Ann is determined to try and save him by climbing up a ladder. Bullets tore through his flesh as Kong swiped at the passing aircraft, successfully managing to destroy one of them that flew too close to him. Eventually, Ann's screaming showed Kong that she was dangling from the ladder that had suddenly gotten loose miles above the ground. He tried to grab her before she fell for a moment, giving Kong the opportunity to let go of his handhold so that he can catch Ann. After climbing back up and giving her a saddened look as he placed her on the observation deck to keep Ann safe, a plane began to shoot at Kong again and he tried to draw its fire, managing to grab a plane and throw it off course into another, causing them both to crash. Ann then climbed up after Kong and stood in front of him as his wounds are starting to get to him, trying to ward off the planes, momentarily causing the fighter pilots to call off the attack upon noticing her which appear to have worked. With the threat temporary gone, the wounded Kong then took Ann in his hand as he began to lose his footing. Setting set her down, the two shared a peaceful moment with Ann lovingly placing her hand on Kong's face.

Unfortunately, that moment was then shattered by the sounds of gunfire as bullets tore through Kong's back, causing him to slump against the building since Ann was no longer in the line of sight. Kong and Ann had a brief and sad moment as Kong used the last of his strength to touch her tear soaked face before finally succumbing to his heavy injuries. Ann could only watch as Kong's bullet-riddled corpse slid from the tower, plummeting to the streets below. As Jack reaches the top of the building and comforts Ann, civilians, policemen and soldiers gather around Kong's giant corpse in the street, with a reporter commenting the airplanes killed him in the end. Carl makes his way through the crowd, takes one last look at Kong and says, "It wasn't the airplanes. It was Beauty killed the Beast" as more civilians begin to swarm around Kong's body. With Kong dead, this now brings the extinction of Megaprimatus Kong.



Kong is shown to be a great climber (despite his size) as he is capable of scaling cliffs and mountains with relative ease. Kong is also shown to climb buildings such as the Empire State Building.


Unlike his previous incarnations, Kong is able to use sign language for communication, shown when he made the sign for "beautiful" that he remembered Ann explaining it to him earlier in his lair.


Kong demonstrates an incredible degree of durability as he can withstand bites from the V. rexes without any apparent lasting injury and can even shrug off small-arms fire from the Venture crew, which seemingly serves only to anger him. While the machine guns mounted on the biplanes which attacked him on the Empire State Building did shred through his skin, it took a huge number of rounds to finally bring down Kong, who still managed to down some of the planes during the battle.


Kong's endurance is incredibly developed as he was able to take attacks from the V. rexes and machine guns from the biplanes and still fight back.


Kong is remarkably intelligent. He makes use of environmental objects like trees or rocks when fighting, seen when he utilized rocks to crush a V. rex's thick skull with ease.


Kong is 100 – 150 years old since he has lived for a very long time on Skull Island, thus still retains the appearance of a giant gorilla in his prime.


Kong's hearing is quite powerful as he was able to hear Ann's screams a mile away, even when she is attacked by the V. rexes.

Sharp teeth

Like all gorillas, Kong has remarkably sharp canine teeth which grant him a lethal bite. This is seen when he bites a V. rex's skin and even tore off the tongue of another.

Speed and agility

Kong is incredibly fast and agile, especially for a creature of his size as he is capable of leaping great heights and distances as well as effortlessly scaling buildings in New York City. He can even dodge many attacks from the V. rexes as well as bullets from the biplanes during his last stand atop the Empire State Building, despite getting shot and eventually succumbing to his wounds.


Kong possesses excellent stamina as he can remain physically active for long periods of time without any obvious signs of fatigue, seen when he fights the V. rexes, climbs up the Empire State Building and even fights against the biplanes during his last stand.

Strength and combat

Kong's most prominent ability is his incredible physical strength due to his giant size and body mass, being able to fight against the island's predatory creatures, despite being outnumbered and having to ensure Ann's survival at the same time. His punches can knock over V. rexes and was able to wrestle one to the ground with enough force before snapping apart its jaws.

Kong is also shown to lift and throw objects such as boulders and fallen trees and was strong enough to smash through the gate to the native village on Skull Island. While in New York City, he was able to break free from chrome steel chains thought to be unbreakable while being put on display and can toss automobiles aside like toys. Kong even destroyed some of the biplanes attacking him during his final stand atop the Empire State Building. He is also great at combat against the creatures of Skull Island that tried to attack him.


Modern weaponry

Although Kong is enormously strong and durable, he does have his limits when he ended up being wounded and eventually succumbed to modern human weapon machine guns mounted on planes. Given the weapon's stopping power and penetrative ability, Kong was able to withstand a hail of bullets for long enough to destroy a few of the planes attacking him.


  • Only at only 25 feet in height, this is the shortest incarnation of King Kong while all the others are at least 50 feet tall.

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