Kinger (キンガー,   Kingā?) is a gold reptile kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the first episode of Go! Godman, Godman vs. Kinger.


Kinger's Japanese name, Kinga or Kingaa is derived from the Japanese word for Gold, Kin (金?).


Kinger looks like a cross between a lizard and a bird. He has reptilian skin, sharp claws, a spiky back, and a large, conical beak. He is also completely gold in color, save for his claws, the tip of his beak and his horns, which are a dull silver colour. The shape of his also partially resembles a deformed Rodan.


Go! Godman

Kinger was the first monster to battle Godman, in a small town. Eventually, after a short battle, Godman was victorious, and flew back to Planet Fire God.


Kinger reuses Gezora's roars.

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