Koichi Matsushita (松下光一,   Matsushita Kōichi?) is a character created by Toho that first appeared in the 2008 kaiju film, Go! Godman.


Go! Godman

While overseeing a giant monster named Tsunojiras destroying a building, Koichi Matsushita hears the screams of a woman. Thinking the screams were coming from a woman trapped in the building, he runs over to it only to see Mika Ayase taking pictures of the monster. He taps her on the shoulder to her attention, but she screams, not knowing who was tapping on her shoulder. After realizing it was only a traffic guard, she calms down. After a short conversation, they begin to run, trying to get to a safer place, but are stopped by a large seismic blast resulting from Tsunojiras's rampage. They look to the terrorizing beast, and before their eyes, Godman flies across the sky toward the monster. Touching down to the ground, the hero grows to the height of the monster and battle ensues. Though the hero's effort was great, Tsunojiras quickly gained the upper hand, knocking him to the ground multiple times. Luckily, encouragement from Koichi enabled Godman to rise and use his abilities against the monster. Tsunojiras was beaten by Godman's flail-like weapon, the Godman Crush and was blown to pieces by energy bullets shot from Godman's fist. A large chunk of Tsunojiras's flesh landed near Mika and Koichi, and before their eyes, another monster spawned from it. This time, an ape-like monster called Jilarji. Once more, the two were saved by Godman, now shrunk back to human size. The two managed to flee to an alleyway, but were confronted by another spawn of Tsunojiras's flesh, Gaira. Godman swooped in to save them once more, but was followed by Jilarji and the two monsters ally against him. They manage to knock off one of the hero's arm bracers, but it is thrown back at him by Mika who begins to remember Godman. Jilarji later confronted the two after a box was knocked over contained multiple vintage items. Mika finds a Green Call and summons Greenman to the fight. The two heroes destroy Jilarji and Gaira, restoring peace to the world.

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