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Mutated Komodo Dragon






20,000 tons

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Giant Turtle


Godzilla (Mate),
Unborn offspring

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Fil Barlow


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End of the Line

Komodithrax (コモディスラックス,   Komodisurakkusu?) is a giant mutated komodo dragon kaiju that appeared in the Godzilla: The Series episode End of the Line. She is Godzilla's mate.


During a romantic cruise in Alaska, Nick and Audrey's ship was attacked by a Giant Turtle. The two ended up on a deserted island where they were attacked again by the Giant Turtle, but this time they were saved by Komodithrax, a mutant komodo dragon. Meanwhile, Godzilla is on the move to Alaska and the rest of H.E.A.T. trails the monster to the island and make an amazing discovering. Godzilla and Komodithrax appear to be a couple… and there’s a giant egg in their nest. Nick discovered that Godzilla and Komodithrax were actually mates, and that Godzilla was acting as the father to Komodithrax's unhatched egg. Unfortunately, the U.S. military arrived on the island and ordered an air strike to destroy all monsters there.

The Giant Turtle arrived again and fought Godzilla and Komodithrax. During the battle, the airstrike caused the Giant Turtle as well as Komodithrax and her egg to fall into a fissure, while Godzilla, Nick, and Audrey were able to escape.


  • Komodithrax has powerful jaws, capable of causing pain to the Giant Turtle.
  • Komodithrax has a good amount of physical strength, as seen as when she pushed the Giant Turtle who weighs over 40,000 tons.
  • Komodithrax also possesses an atomic breath attack like her mate, but it is an icy blue color.
  • Komodithrax is suggested to be capable of asexual reproduction via parthenogenesis, something that real-life female komodo dragons are also capable of.
  • Komodithrax has a good sense of smell as she was able to smell the scent of Godzilla on Nick.
  • Komodithrax has great endurance and stamina on her side as she is able to endure the attacks from the Giant Turtle and the missiles. Her stamina is quite high as well when she was able to get back up from being knocked out and continued to fight against the Giant Turtle.


In Other Languages

  • Russian: Комодитракс


  • Concept Komodithrax

    Concept art of the scrapped female Godzilla

    Komodithrax was originally supposed to be a female Godzilla, but this was changed because the producers did not want another Godzilla in the series.
  • Zilla is taller and heavier than Komodithrax, with Zilla being 30 meters taller and 40,000 tons heavier.

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