Kong's Father was a gigantic prehistoric ape that was one of the last two surviving members of the Titanus Kong superspecies when the Iwi arrived on Skull Island.


Kong's Father was similar in appearance to his son albeit he is much larger than Kong was in 1973, with him being described as massive in comparison, though there is a few key differences; his fur was black in color, instead of reddish-brown; his neck was more muscular along with wider shoulders and his legs were short and stout. Additionally, he, like his son, was covered in numerous scars, but his were more severe; he had a large jagged scar on his torso (that started at the top of his left pectoral and ended at his right hip) that revealed some of his muscular tissue. Additionally, his left eye even appeared to have had a collapsed socket.


While little is revealed of Kong's Father's personality, he was shown to have a fierce disliking of the Skullcrawlers (likely due to them wiping out the rest of his kind) he also displayed an unwillingness to give up, as when Riccio was explaining Kong's birth, he described the situation as being beyond hopeless by the time he was actually conceived, yet his father and mother continued to fight, possibly realizing the fate of their species was at stake.

Despite this ferocity, however, he did have a softer side; when the Iwi first arrive on Skull Island, instead of attacking them on sight, he and his mate simply gaze at them; additionally, when his mate went into labor during the final battle against the Skullcrawlers, he fought even harder to protect her while she gave birth to their son.


Strength and Combat

Much like his son, Kong's Father was extremely strong and a capable combatant; a testament to his strength is given when Riccio received a vision of the Iwi arriving on Skull Island, he identifies Kong's Father and Mother as the strongest of their species. During the arrival of the Iwi, Kong's Father was seen surrounded by several dead adult Skullcrawlers. During his final confrontation while his mate gave birth, Kong's Father fought several full-grown Skullcrawlers by himself before ultimately being overwhelmed.


Lack of Bodily Armor

Like his son, Kong's Father did not have any type of dermal armor, making it easier to hurt him.


Despite his great strength, Kong's Father had his limits and was quickly overwhelmed by sheer numbers. This is best exploited by the Skullcrawler adults when he was fighting them off so his mate could give birth to their son.


  • Kong's Father having a collapsed eye socket is similar to the 2005 incarnation of Kong.
  • The novel shows Kong's father had a huge hole in the side of his skull, which is implied to be his cause of death. It is later shown that adult Skullcrawlers such as Skull Devil have sharp ivory-colored barbs the size of Marlow's boat at the end of their tails.

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