Kong's Mother was a gigantic prehistoric ape that was one of the last two surviving members of the Titanus Kong superspecies when the Iwi arrived on Skull Island.


Kong's Mother was smaller than Kong's father, and quite similar to her son in terms of general appearance, but with gray fur, numerous scars, and female attributes such as breasts. She also features longer fur atop her head, framing the sides of her face very similarly to human hair.


Like her mate, Kong's Mother despised the Skullcrawlers and fought them with sheer tenacity.

She also had a softer side that is shown when she curiously gazed upon the Iwi when they first arrived on Skull Island, and deeply cared about the survival of her family and species by hiding her newborn son in a cave and sealing its entrance before aiding her mate.


Enhanced recovery rate

Kong's Mother displayed a uniquely remarkable recovery rate: mere moments after giving birth to her son, she recovered enough strength to not only move her son to safety, but to also rejoin her mate in her last fight.

Strength and Combat

Just like her mate and son, Kong's Mother was a strong and ferocious combatant. Even after excruciating labor and giving birth to her son, she still possessed enough strength to fight the Skullcrawlers alongside her mate.


Lack of Bodily Armor

Similar to her mate and son, Kong's Mother did not have any form of dermal armor, which allowed her to be easily wounded with it implied in the novel that her cause of death was massive gashes on her skull that even carved into the bone.


Despite her great strength, Kong's Mother was overwhelmed by sheer numbers. This is proven when she and her mate were killed by a large pack of Skullcrawlers.

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