Kong in 3D is the third episode of Kong: King of the Apes.


The episode opens with King Kong storming Alcatraz island and attempting to kill Richard Remy. Lucas Remy and his team see this on the news, and confront Kong about it. Kong defends that he did not go to Alcatraz, but no one believes him. Kong then pulls off a jewel heist and disappears right after. Kong continues to defend that he never left the forest, and Francisca proves him right, reasoning that if he had just dived off the Golden Gate Bridge, his fur would still be wet. Danny Kwan adds that Even so, Kong doesn't know how to swim. In Richard's laboratory, he reveals that the Kong that has been on the news is in fact a holographic projection, who is procuring diamonds for him. Richard then volunteers his Bionobot forces to the police. Danny then forms a plan to show the world how gentle Kong is, and Doug Jones has the idea of getting both Kongs together by giving the real Kong a jetpack. Kong and the team then fly to where the other ape is attacking. While looking over the news footage, Lucas discovers that the other Kong is just a distraction created by Richard, who is truly trying to get his hands on weapons grade Uranium. The team arrives at the Uranium mine, where Botila projects the Kong hologram, which the real Kong tries to fight. After discovering that it is not a threat, Kong moves on to the Tyrannosaurus rex Bionobots, whose new diamond-coated teeth allow them to be a powerful mining machine. Met with an onslaught of laser fire, Kong is nearly backed off a nearby cliff, but using his armbands, he is able to deflect the fire and knock Botila's Bionobot controller out of her hands. Both parties escape as Military planes close in. Kong is then framed for the uranium heist. Doug Jones then uses the Kong hologram projector to attack Richard and dance, but the blame for the uranium heist is only shifted from Kong to Lucas and the team.




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