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Honey I Shrunk the Kong
Kong on Ice

Kong on Ice is the tenth episode of Kong: King of the Apes.


The episode opens with Lucas Remy and Doug Jones becoming concerned about Richard's recent lack of activity. Richard is then revealed to be melting the Arctic Ice Caps with his Bionobots is an attempt to find gold. Botila tried to warn Richard that melting the ice so quickly would be sure to attract the attention of King Kong, but Richard only tells her to work faster. She then began to tell Richard of the catastrophic effect this endeavor will have on the planet, and that he is already on of the richest in the world, but Richard only threatens to destroy her. Lucas and Doug then head to the Arctic Circle to rescue any surviving polar bears, while Amy and Danny Kwan continue to monitor Alcatraz Island and plot to rescue a baby seal that is held within. After rescuing the seal, Amy and Danny are attacked by Bionobots. While Kong fights them off, Lucas and Doug got a polar bear to safety, but were kidnapped by Pterodactyl Bionobots. Doug and Lucas are then held captive and try to get Richard to tell them why he is melting the ice, but he tells them nothing and leaves them with Botila. They call for a return favor for getting her out of a Bionobot's body, and she allows them to leave. When they get to their helicopter, they find that all power in the ship is offline, and Richard reveals that this is because he removed an important part in the ship. Kong then arrived to fight off the Bionobots, and Richard tried to kill Lucas with his finger laser. Danny then threw a snowball at him, causing him to turn the laser on the youth, but is malfunctioned before he could fire. Kong was unable to fight the Bionobots due to his never having been on ice before, and Danny teaches him to ice skate. He then bludgeons the Bionobots to defeat using one of their legs. They then leave Richard stranded on an ice floe. He tried to summon Botila, and when she finally did, he introduced her to her replacement, causing her to turn on him and delete her destruct codes and take control of the Bionobots.




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