I am going to fight. If we don't fight now, won't it render all of our appeals for peace throughout the meaningless? „ 

— Kunin

Kunin (クーニン Kunin) is an extraterrestrial kaiju that appears in the 1979 short story A Space Godzilla, published in Starlog magazine.



In the illustrations for A Space Godzilla, Kunin bares more of a resemblance to the Heisei Godzilla, in particular Godzilla (TRoG)#MogeGojiMogeGoji. He has dark blue scaly skin and also appears to have orange colored eyes.


A Space Godzilla

Kunin was the husband of Rozan and father of Lilin, but unlike the two, he did not travel to Earth and thus had to wait for Rozan and Lilin to return from Earth to the Godzilla Planet. However, following Lilin's capture and Rozan's death from the hands of Gamoni and the Sunerians, Kunin then flew over to the Sunerian's base and destroyed it, rescuing Lilin.

Kunin then gathered the rest of the Godzillans to attack the Sunerians in retaliation. A long battle between the races ensued, with the Godzillans winning out. Kunin and the now fully grown Lilin then went in and fought off Gamoni, with Kunin eventually winning out and killing Gamoni by tearing her head off and throwing it into a sea of sulfuric acid. Kunin then spoke to Lilin for a bit, then telling him to go to Earth for a while, to keep on eye out on humanity.


Atomic breath

Kunin was able to fire an atomic breath from his mouth to slice at boulders, rocks and against the Sunerians.


Kunin could fly at unknown means at presumably fast speeds.


While not shown, Kunin most likely could regenerate at fast rate like his wife was able to.

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