Kuronuma (黒沼?) was the supreme commander of the first attempt by the Black Hole Planet 3 Aliens to conquer Earth using MechaGodzilla. He was shot and killed by Agent Nanbara of Interpol. His eerily identical-looking successor was Mugal.


Showa Era

Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla

Kuronuma is cocky, overconfident, unemotional, and has no regard for human life. He attacks the planet with unknown motives other than a desire to conquer Earth. He controls MechaGodzilla from his secret control center in Okinawa. He has a cigar smoking habit, and is seen drinking wine frequently.He bears an unexplained grey patch on the left side of his head. Though this may be due to the fact that he is the only seen Black Hole Alien with horns on his true gorilla-like face. Kuronuma is not the leader of the entire race of the Black Hole Aliens, he is only the leader of the invasion force, this is revealed when he acknowledges that headquarters will be very angry when they discover that MechaGodzilla is in need of repair.


Kuronuma exhibits a brutal personality, on multiple occasions telling MechaGodzilla to kill Godzilla. It is not below him to use extortion and intimidation to get what he needs. He also seems to be a decent, commanding, and authoritative officer, as he knows when MechaGodzilla can no longer fight.


  • Kuronuma was portrayed by actor Goro Mutsumi, who is also known for portraying the character Dr. Gunpachi Umino in Fireman (Tv series).