The Large Monster Series also known as the Daikaiju Series is a line of large collectible figures released under X-Plus. Of the three series of toys X-Plus has launched, this line is the shortest, coming in at a scale of 20cm to 25cm, compared to the 30cm Series' 30cm, and the Gigantic Series' 40+ cm. Much like the prior lines, these figures feature no articulation.

The line started in 2009 with the release of a Gappa figure. The line's first foray into the Godzilla series came a year later with the introduction of the 2001 Godzilla. This line is more specifically dubbed the Toho Large Monster Series, or Toho Daikaiju Series.

In addition to the Godzilla franchise, the Gamera franchise has also appeared in the line, starting in 2013. This line is more specifically dubbed the Daiei Large Monster Series.

2009 releases


The premiere figure of the line was a figure of the creature known as the "Gappa", from the 1967 film, Gappa. The figure stood 25 cm tall, had an alternate head sculpt which had an open and closed beak, and launched in late 2009.

2010 releases

Godzilla (2001)

The first Godzilla-related release, the 2001 Godzilla released in July of 2010. The figure didn't come with accessories, but the Ric-Boy variant came with a miniature sub.

Godzilla (1989)

The 1989 Godzilla was released in July, following the 2001 Godzilla's release. The Ric-Boy variant came with a miniature Super X2.

Jet Jaguar

Jet Jaguar was released the following month, in August, 2010. The figure stood about 23 cm tall, and the Ric-Boy release came with interchangeable hands.

Godzilla (1984)

The fourth figure in the 2010 line, the 1984 Godzilla was released in October of 2010. It stood 23cm tall and the Ric-Boy variant came with a miniature Super X.

Godzilla (1973)

The final figure of the 2010 line was the 1973 Godzilla. It stood 23cm tall, and the Ric-Boy edition came with an alternate head sculpt with an open mouth.

2011 releases

Godzilla (1971)

The 1971 Godzilla was the first figure to launch in 2011, coming out during the month of March. The Ric-Boy figure came with a battle damaged head and hand sculpt.

Godzilla and Anguirus (1955) - Color set

A color set of the previously released 1955 era Godzilla and Anguirus figures was released in the May-June area of 2011.


A figure based on Ebirah was launched in June of 2011, as well. The figure's Ric-Boy variant came with a Giant Condor figure alongside it.

Godzilla (1989) - Battle Damage ver.

The 1989 Godzilla was re-issued in June of 2011 as Battle Damage Godzilla. The figure's molded as if Godzilla's fighting Biollante.


Megalon was introduced in late August to September of 2011.


The final figure in the 2011 line, Hedorah launched in December of 2011.

2012 releases

Godzilla (1964)

The first release of 2012, the 1964 Godzilla was released in January of 2012. The Ric-Boy version came with twin Mothra larvae.


A figure of the Showa era Gigan was released in the March to April window of 2012.

Mechagodzilla (1974)

The 1974 Mechagodzilla was released in early to mid 2012, coming in during late April to early May. The figure stood at 23cm in height, and the Ric-Boy variant came with a miniature figure of a BHP3 alien.

Mothra (1961)

The 1961 Mothra made her debut in June, 2012. Her wingspan was a solid 62cm.


Moguera from the 1957 film, The Mysterians was released in July of 2012. It stood 25cm tall. The Mysterians that came with it were 9cm tall.

Godzilla (1968)

The 1968 Godzilla was released in September of 2012, with its counterpart Anguirus. The figure was scale at 25cm, and it came with a 15cm tall Minilla figure.

Anguirus (1968)

The 1968 era Anguirus got its first release in September, 2012. Anguirus was 34cm long.

Godzilla (1966)

The 1966 Godzilla was released in October, 2012. The Ric-Boy exclusive came with a miniature Mothra figure. Godzilla stands 25cm tall, and the Mothra figure was a modest 15cm in height.

Gorosaurus (1967)

The 1967 Gorosaurus was released in November of 2012. The figure stood 23.5cm tall, and was 36.5cm in length. The Ric-Boy variant came with a miniature ship.


Varan was launched in November, 2012. It stood 14.5 cm tall, and was 38cm long.

Godzilla (1962)

The 1962 Godzilla came in December, 2012. Similar to other Godzilla releases, the Ric-Boy variant came with a lighting setup for the dorsal plates as its gimmick.

2013 releases

Rodan (1964)

The 1964 Rodan was the first release of the 2013 line, coming in during January of 2013. It stood about 26cm tall, and possessed a 38cm wingspan. The Ric-Boy exclusive came with a Mothra larva figure, measuring about 16cm in length.


Barugon was released in January of 2013. It was about 53cm in length, and 17.5cm in height.

Mechagodzilla (1975)

The 1975 incarnation of Mechagodzilla was released in March, 2013. It stood 26.5cm tall. The Ric-Boy variant came with an alternate headless headsculpt.


The Gyaos launched in early April. The figure stood both 26cm tall and wide, and came with a base for display.

Gamera (1966)

The 1966 Gamera was released in late June. The figure's height was 23cm, with its length being 36.5cm. The Ric-Boy variant came with alternate legs.

Godzilla (1975)

The 1975 era Godzilla was also released in June. It came in at 23cm in height, and the Ric-Boy variant came with an alternate arm sculpt, holding Mechagodzilla's head.


Kumonga was released in late July. It had a width of 50cm, and also came with a rocky base. The Ric-Boy variant came with a webbed up Kamakuras base instead.

King Caesar

King Caesar was launched in August, 2013. It was 24cm in height. The Ric-Boy exclusive came with a statue.

Mechagodzilla (1974 hanger edition)

The 1975 Mechagodzilla was the penultimate figure of the 2013 line, coming in during August, 2013. It stood 25cm tall. The Ric-Boy variant featured a light up gimmick.


Baragon was released in August, 2013, being the final figure of the 2013 line. It was about 25cm in length.

2014 releases

Gamera (1968)

The 1968 Gamera was launched in April, 2014. It stands 23cm tall.

Gamera and Viras set

A duo set containing both the 1968 Gamera and Viras came out in April. The 1968 Gamera retains his prior mold and height of 23cm, whereas Viras is 42cm tall.


Zigras launched in March, 2014. The figure stands about 23cm tall.

Gamera (1996)

The 1996 Gamera was released in late May to early June of 2014.

Mothra (1961)

Previously released in 2012, the 1961 Mothra was reissued in November, 2014.

King Ghidorah (1968)

The 1968 King Ghidorah came out in December of 2014. It stands at about 47cm in height and has a 62cm wing span. The Ric-Boy version came with two ships and the Fire Dragon.

2015 releases

Godzilla (1968)

This figure was reissued in January, 2015, following its release in 2012. The Ric-Boy exclusive came with an in scale Minilla figure, which was the same sculpt as the one that was released prior.

Anguirus (1968)

The 1968 era Anguirus reissue was launched in late March to early April of 2015. The Ric-Boy version came with a miniature SY-3 rocket.

Mothra (1964)

The 1961 incarnation of Mothra was launched in April of 2015. The wingspan of the figure is 65cm. The Ric-Boy exclusive came with the previously released 1964 Godzilla.

Gorosaurus (1968)

Gorosaurus launched in the May to June window of 2015. The figure was 23cm tall.

Godzilla and Biollante light up set

A duo set containing both Godzilla and Biollante was released in June, 2015. Both figures include a light up gimmick, Godzilla's being his dorsal plates and Biollante's being her chest.


Destoroyah was launched in early December of 2015. It measured a solid 34cm in height, and the accompanying Aggregate form was 14cm tall.

Manda and Mothra Larva

The first duo set contained Manda and a Mothra larva. Manda was 46cm long, and the larva was 23cm long.

Baragon and Varan (1968)

The second duo set which contained Baragon and Varan was released in December, 2015. Baragon measured 23cm tall, and Varan was 21cm in length.

2016 releases


Kamakuras was released in June, 2016. The normal edition came with a sole Kamakuras, whereas the Ric-Boy variant came with three.


A Legion figure was released in August of 2016. The figure stood 36cm tall and was 53cm in length. It featured a light up gimmick.

Gamera (1996) - Renewal

The Head Renewal version of the 1996 Gamera came out in September to October of 2016. The figure was similar to the previous 1996 Gamera mold which launched in 2014, but features a new headsculpt for a more proper face off gaze to 2015's Legion figure.

Godzilla (2016) - Fourth form

The fourth form of the 2016 Godzilla rendition was initially launched in December, 2016 to January 2017. The default variation, much like most Godzilla toys centered around this incarnation featured red highlights, and a closed mouth.

The Ric-Boy figure came with an open mouth and purple highlights alongside the red, imitating the charge up of its atomic breath.

Default variant

Ric boy variant

2017 releases


Titanosaurus was the first figure launched in the 2017 line, having been launched in March of 2017. The Ric-Boy variant of the figure came with an altered tail sculpt.

King Ghidorah (2001)

The 2001 King Ghidorah was the second figure released, and came out in April. The Ric-Boy exclusive featured a slightly altered paint job.

Keizer Ghidorah

Keizer Ghidorah was launched May. The figure stands 33cm tall with a 45cm wingspan. The Ric-Boy variant featured light up eyes as a gimmick.


Gabara was introduced to the line in May of 2017. It stands 23cm tall, and the Ric-Boy exclusive came with a Minilla figure that stood 15cm tall in scale with Gabara.


The final stage of Hedorah was launched in June, 2017. The Ric-Boy came with a multitude of add ons, including a new pair of arms, and a damaged eye. A light up gimmick was also present with the figure and could shift from steady lights to blinking.

Godzilla (2004)

The 2004 Godzilla was released in June of 2017. The figure is 25cm tall, and the Ric-Boy exclusive has light up dorsal plates.

Godzilla (2016) - Fourth form

A set of vinyl assembly kits were launched in March, 2017, one by Bandai Premium, and the other by Kadokawa. The Bandai kit was manufactured with the mold of the Ric-Boy exclusive in mind, having a roaring head, while also being colored in the appropriate light shade of purple. The Kadokawa kit was red in coloration, and featured the posture of the default release of the figure.

Assembly kit - Luminous purple

Assembly kit - Clear red ver.

Godzilla (2016) - Second form

A figure based on the 2016 Godzilla's second form was launched in October, 2017.

Destoroyah - Luminescence ver.

A reissue of the 2015 Destoroyah was released in October, 2017. The figure featured a new light up gimmick and a slightly altered paint scheme.

2018 releases

Mothra and Baragon

The first set of 2018, Mothra and Baragon are set to launch in January of 2018. It's in scale with the previously released 2001 Godzilla and Ghidorah.


The second figure of the 2018 line is Desghidorah. It will stand an imposing 29 cm tall, with a 68 cm wingspan. The Ric-Boy variant has a light up mouth and eyes.

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