Latitude Zero
Latitude Zero 1969
General Information
Directed by

Ishiro Honda

Produced by

Don Sharpe,
Tomoyuki Tanaka

Written by

Warren Lewis,
Shinichi Sekizawa,
Ted Sherdeman

Composed by

Akira Ifukube

Production Information
Distributed by

Toho JP
National General Pictures US





Box office


Running time

89 minutesJP
(1 hour, 29 minutes)
98 minutesUS
(1 hour, 38 minutes)
105 minutesINTL
(1 hour, 45 minutes)

Latitude Zero (緯度0大作戦,   Ido Zero Daisakusen?, lit. Latitude 0 Great Operation) is a 1969 tokusatsu kaiju film created by Toho Company Ltd.


After Dr. Ken Tashiro, Dr. Jules Masson, and Perry Lawton get trapped in a bathysphere due to seismic activity, they are rescued by the crew of the Alpha, a supersubmarine that was launched in the early 19th century. They are greeted by the ship's captain, Graig McKenzie whom they learn is over 200 years old. McKenzie takes the men to Latitude Zero, an underground paradise located at the intersection of the Equator and the International Date Line.

In Latitude Zero, gold and diamonds are plentiful, the inhabitants are peaceful, nobody ages or dies, and everyone lives in peace and harmony. But, McKenzie's rival Dr. Malik (who is also over 200 years old) doesn't feel the same way as Latitude Zero's inhabitants. Malik wishes to destroy it using everything he can conjure.

Of all the visitors to Latitude Zero, only Perry Lawton, a journalist, wished to return home. He was picked up by a US Navy vessel and is left with Graig McKenzie and Malik who insist their names are Commander Glenn McKenzie and Lieutenant Hastings. Confused at why the people he had previously seen had different names and why the two mortal enemies were acting so friendly toward each other, Lawton discovers his film is ruined and when he opens the pouch where he placed his complimentary diamonds, he finds tobacco. Just as he is about to resign himself to the fact that his adventure never occurred, the ship is wired a message stating that a cache of diamonds has been deposited in his name in a safe deposit box in New York City.


Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Joseph Cotten   as   Captain Graig McKenzie/Commander Glenn McKenzie
  • Cesar Romero   as   Dr. Malik/Lieutenant Hastings
  • Akira Takarada   as   Dr. Ken Tashiro
  • Masumi Okada   as   Dr. Jules Masson
  • Richard Jaeckal   as   Perry Lawton
  • Patricia Medina   as   Lucretia
  • Tetsu Nakamura   as   Dr. Okada
  • Mari Nakayama   as   Tsuruko Okada
  • Akihiko Hirata   as   Dr. Sugata
  • Wataru Ômae   as   Advisor
  • Hikaru Kuroki   as   Captain Kroiga
  • Linda Haynes   as   Dr. Anne Barton
  • Susumu Kurobe   as   Chin
  • Burr Middleton   as   Additional Voices
  • Haruo Nakajima   as   Bat Person, Giant Rat, Griffon


Weapons, Vehicles, Races



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Alternate Titles

  • Latitude Zero Military Tactics (Zero gunji senjutsu o ido)
  • Latitude Zero: Big Military Operation (Ido zero: Ōkina gunji sakusen)
  • Atragon II (Kaitei Gunkan II, lit. Undersea Battleship II)
  • U 4000: Panic in the Deep Sea (U 4000: Panik in der Tiefsee, Germany)
  • Where the World Ends (Donde el mundo termina, Spain)
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