Lilin (リリン Lirin) is an extraterrestrial kaiju that appears in the 1979 short story, A Space Godzilla, published in Starlog magazine and the son of Kunin and Rozan.



Lilin in his original embryo form appears to look formless due to his then incomplete development. Upon growing up more, he resembles a younger version of his kind, only pale white in skin color. When he reaches his adult form, he is stated to resemble Kunin, only white. He also wears red boots, given to him by Momo.


A Space Godzilla

One day, Rozan floated ashore in Japan, seemingly dying. Scientists quickly dissected her, only to discover she was dying of diabetes and was actually an intelligent alien. Using psychic communication, Rozan informs the scientists that she is carrying an unborn child and must return to her home on Godzilla Planet. The scientists convert Rozan into a rocket ship and launch her into space with her unborn son, Lilin, sending her on her way to Godzilla Planet. Before this, a girl named Momo gives Lilin a pair of red boots that were from her grandma. Lilin is then given these.

Lilin mainly was simply with Rozan during her entire trip, and at one point a hooded creature known as Manto attempted to snatch him, only then to be warded off by Rozan. After travelling through some more warps, Rozan finally arrived to the Godzilla Planet where there she finally gave birth to Lilin. Lilin left behind his red boots with Rozan and was going to go back to get them, only then to captured by the Sunerians. The Sunerians interrogated him for information, but when he refused to talk about Earth, the Sunerians then tortured him for a bit, until then Kunin came and rescued Lilin.

Lilin would later partake in the battle against the Sunerians were he then was given back his red boots to which he then used and then rapidly turned into an adult, fully grown Space Godzilla and then helped Kunin fight off Gamoni, biting his teeth into her legs and then beating her around. Finally, after Kunin finished off Gamoni, Lilin went over and helped out the other Godzillans and fallen Sunerians before then meeting back up with his father and reminescening of Rozan. Lilin was then stated that he would return to Earth some day....


Advanced aging

Whether due to the red boots or determination, Lilin had an advanced aging process, becoming an adult rapidly to help his father Kunin fight off Gamoni.


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