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Dr. Ling Chen is a character introduced in the 2019 MonsterVerse film, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, as a scientist working for Monarch and the twin sister of Dr. Ilene Chen.


Being identical to her twin sister, Dr. Ling has black hair and brown eyes. Unlike Dr. Chen, however, Ling's hair is long and styled in a manner reminiscent of the Shobijin.


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In May 2008, Ling became a third-generation Monarch operative in her family, after her mother and grandmother. With her twin sister Dr. Chen, Dr. Ling would continue a family legacy of making some of mankind's greatest evolutionary discoveries in the agency. In 2009, Drs. Chen and Ling received word about a group of loggers in China's Yunnan Province reporting strange "singing" from the rainforest. Connecting recordings of the sounds to local myths of singing forest spirits, the sisters led Dr. Emma Russell and her team through the surrounding mountains, which led to the discovery of the roughly 12,000-year-old Temple of the Moth and a giant chrysalis containing Mothra.[1]

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

There is a small island in Indonesia where they speak of a goddess named Mosura, a protector who transforms, embodies life - a sort of guardian angel. That's where we got her name. But there are similar tales of destructive beings in the same vein. „ 

— Dr. Ling to Houston Brooks

In the Yunnan Province, at a camp near Mothra's location after she escaped Alan Jonah's raid on the Outpost 61 containment facility, Dr. Ling meets Brooks, with him recognizing her from having previously known her mother. Together, they walk the trail toward the waterfall now housing Mothra's cocoon. After he hears Dr. Ling whisper "Myth is our compass," Brooks asks what she thinks about Mothra. Dr. Ling tells him a legend from Indonesia calls Mothra a protector and guardian angel who embodies life but there are stories of beings in a similar but destructive manner. Brooks tells her how, during the Skull Island expedition, Monarch initially saw as a monster before realizing that he was the island's protector. Having watched the video of Mothra's interaction with Emma and her daughter Madison, Dr. Ling says she has a good feeling about her.[2]

Sometime later, as Monster Zero awakens the other Titans and commands them to reshape the planet, Dr. Ling looks at Mothra's cocoon through the waterfall, feeling guilty for not telling Dr. Brooks about everything she knew since she's still unsure regarding the stories told to her by her mother, aunt, and grandmother about countless generations of her matriline being connected to Mothra. Dr. Ling feels her connection to Mothra growing and, hours later, she feels a jolt as if Mothra feels a need to hasten her transformation. Ignoring the cold and the pouring rain, Dr. Ling continues to watch Mothra's cocoon. Then Brooks is called back to the waterfall and he and Dr. Ling bear witness as Mothra hatches from her cocoon and takes flight.[3]

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