Kong: King of the Apes Episodes
King's Ransom
Little Bots, Big Problems

Little Bots, Big Problems is the sixth episode of Kong: King of the Apes.


The episode opens with Lucas Remy and Doug Jones discovering the tracking device on Amy Kwan, and leading Richard Remy astray with it. Meanwhile, Richard stages the rescue of a population of baby apes from some poachers he had hired, and re-opens the Remy Natural History and Marine Reserve. Lucas and his team then decide to rescue the apes, as they have decided that the last place they will truly be safe is with Richard. It is then decided that Danny Kwan and Francisca should go in disguise to the island. When there, they discover that most of the apes that Richard "rescued" are Bionobots, but they eventually come across a real one. They are forced to leave it when they see Richard meeting with the police commissioner and some Military generals. It is then revealed that Richard's plan was to send a toy monkey home with the child of every military official he invited in order to have htem activate that night and steal a fleet of helicopters. At the base, the monkey the kids brought back for King Kong activates and nearly steals their helicopter, but Kong sees it and stops it. He then shows the team the helicopters landing in Richard's base. While they are watching, Richard discovers that the tracker they planted was used to dupe them, and then releases all of his helicopters. Lucas then takes Francisca, Danny, and Kong to the island to save the monkeys. Richard sees them on the cameras and sets the helicopters on Kong, who begins to lose due to his redirecting their fire with his armbands rather than destroying them. Lucas then tells him that the helicopters are pilot-less, and he destroys them.




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