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The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II is a stealth multirole fighter plane built by Lockheed Martin. It is featured in the MonsterVerse films Godzilla, Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Godzilla vs. Kong and later in the Netflix original series, Godzilla: Singular Point.



A number of F-35s were embarked on the USS Saratoga during the MUTO attacks in 2014. During a search mission for a missing Russian Akula class submarine on the island of Honolulu, US troops encountered the Male MUTO feeding on the submarine's nuclear payload. An F-35 was diverted to engage the Titan, but was disabled by the Muto's EMP pulse and crashed into the jungle.

F-35s were also present at San Francisco to help cover the evacuation of the city, however many of these planes were disabled by the Male Muto's EMP pulse and would crash into the bay and high rise city buildings.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

F-35s saw continued use as the primary fighter aircraft of the US military and it's allies five years after the 2014 attacks. A number of these jets were used by Gold Squadron as escort fighters for the USS Argo, Monarch's mobile HQ. Gold Squadron and the Argo would arrive to rescue the remnants of the G-Team after Ghidorah was reawakened in Antartica by Emma Russel. The jets fired missiles at the alien's heads, but had little effect aside from slightly disorienting it.

Later during the evacuation of Isla de Mara, F-35s fired missiles at the recently awakened Rodan in a plan to divert it's attention from the island's inhabitants and onto the jets and the Argo and lead it towards Ghidorah, who was fast approaching to challenge Rodan. The jets would engage Rodan to buy time for the Argo, but were all destroyed just before the Argo managed to reach the center of the storm where Ghidorah was.

After Godzilla had been seemingly killed by the Oxygen Destroyer, Ghidorah cemented it's place as the new alpha, awakening hibernating Titans across the world to terraform the planet to better suit its needs. F-35s jets, along with the Argo and a large number of US Navy cruisers and destroyers engaged Ghidorah and Rodan at what was left of a flooded Washington D.C. After Godzilla was resurrected by Dr. Ishiro Serizawa, a contingent of F-35s, helicopters, warships, and the Argo joined Godzilla for the final battle against Ghidorah at Boston, the mass human firepower serving to at least disorient the three-headed Titan for a few seconds while Godzilla made his way inland, however losses would mount as Ghidorah's lighting strikes hit jets and fry their pilots, or were destroyed as collateral damage to Mothra's and Rodan's fight. later most of the present human airpower was destroyed by Ghidorah after it had absorbed a large amount of Boston's power grid and discharging it from the bladed tips of its wings.

Godzilla vs. Kong

Three F-35s were dispatched to respond to Godzilla's attack on Apex's Pensacola facility, but two of the jets were destroyed,

During his first fight against Godzilla, King Kong stepped atop one of these planes which was part of a fleet assembled atop a missile cruiser, crushing it. As the remaining pilots scrambled to launch, Kong picked up another and tossed it at Godzilla, exploding it against him. Prior to this, the pilot was able to safely eject and parachute into the water. Afterwards, a number of the planes fired at Godzilla, but did little damage but gave Kong the time needed to counter attack.


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