The M1 Abrams is a battle tank currently in use by the United States Army. It has appeared in multiple American-made giant monster films such as TriStar Pictures' GODZILLA, Paramount Pictures' Cloverfield and Legendary Pictures' Godzilla.



M1A2 Abrams

An M1 Abrams in GODZILLA (1998)

In 1998, M1A2 tanks, some of the most powerful tanks in the world, were sent to New York along with other vehicles to help the American military combat a giant monster dubbed Godzilla. When the tanks finally engaged Godzilla, their fire was easily dodged by the monster and what few shots did strike it seemed to have no effect. The tanks were unable to maneuver effectively in the urban terrain of New York City, and so were useless in fighting Godzilla and were instead stationed at several roadblocks.

Godzilla: The Series

GTA M1A1 01

An M1 Abrams in Godzilla: The Series

Only a few months after Godzilla's rampage, the U.S. military received intelligence stating that the monster's last surviving offspring was still alive and living in the New York area. The military deployed several M1 Abrams tanks along with a couple of Humvees and AH-64 Apaches. The vehicles attacked the new Godzilla and chased it into the Hudson River, where two F-18 Hornets appeared to kill him with their missiles. However, Godzilla survived the attack and simply disappeared under the waves.



A strange giant creature attacked New York, and the U.S. Army's first reaction was to send in a couple of Bradleys, Humvees and Abrams to deal with the creature. Most of their efforts were useless, while the creature was allegedly finally taken down during the HAMMERDOWN protocol, which involved leveling all of New York.

Godzilla (2014)

Godzilla 2014-M1 Abrams

An M1 Abrams in Godzilla (2014)

When Godzilla was sighted in San Francisco Bay, several M1 Abrams were deployed onto the Golden Gate Bridge to open fire on the monster as civilians attempted to escape the city by crossing the bridge. When Godzilla surfaced, the tanks began firing at him, though their shots appeared to have no effect. One artillery blast struck Godzilla directly in his gills, causing him to reel back in pain and smash through the bridge, breaking it in half.


  • M256A1 120mm smoothbore tank gun
  • M240C 7.62x51mm coaxial machine gun
  • M2HB 12.7x99mm heavy machine gun mounted ahead of the commander's hatch
  • M2HB mounted coaxially above the main gun in a remote weapons platform as part of the TUSK upgrade kit (optional).
  • M240D 7.62x51mm general purpose machine gun mounted ahead of the loader's hatch



Godzilla: The Series


  • The "M1 Abrams" tanks in the 1998 and 2014 Godzilla films as well as Cloverfield are, as in almost all films, portrayed by demilitarized British Chieftain tanks.
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