Madame Piranha is a character in the 1967 King Kong film King Kong Escapes.



Ms. Piranha is a representative for an unknown Asian nation that is trying to procure large amounts of Element X to produce Nuclear weapons with. She is present for the first attempt at mining by Mechani-Kong, which ultimately fails, leading Piranha to threaten to cut funding to the machine's creator Doctor Hu. Throughout the rest of the film she acts as an accomplice to Hu, until the end where she turns on him to protect the innocent lives of the people of Tokyo, by aiding the film's protagonists Carl Nelson, Jiro Nomura, and Susan Watson escape Hu's Boat. She is eventually discovered by Hu, who then keeps her under close watch. She eventually fights with Hu for control of Mechani-Kong, but loses and takes a bullet in the arm. She then waits at gunpoint for a time, until a tremor shakes the boat and she jumps off to unplug cables to Mechani-Kong's remote controls. Hu catches her, and shoots her twice in the stomach. When Kong destroys the boat, her body goes down with it.

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