Magma Turtles, also known as Tortoisa Vulkana, are giant turtle kaiju that first appeared in the MonsterVerse comic, Skull Island: The Birth of Kong.


The prefix 'Magma' refers to the place where the turtles hatch.



Magma Turtles are gigantic turtles with rock-like shells and trees sprouting from them.


Magma Turtles are docile creatures that do not fear predators due to their stony shells and their blood of molten lava. As the turtles mature, they will return to their hatching grounds to expand their shells.


Indigenous to the volcanic shelf around the base of Hellspring Break, these gigantic turtles appear to be born from eggs hatched in the heart of the volcano. As the molten rock heats and cracks the shell layer, magma engulfs the embryonic lifeform, hardening into a resilient stone shell. Over the course of its maturation, the Magma Turtle will return to the fire basin multiple times to re-forge the igneous rock to its ever-growing form.
With an ability to tolerate heat far beyond any superthermal creature (far beyond Hot Spring dwellers such as Hypsibius dujardani or Cataglyphis bicolor), the symbiotic relationship it has with this extreme habitat demands further research.
Although the creature exhibits largely docile behavior and is ignored by most predators (likely due to the uniquely inedible nature of its biology), the furnace-like temperature of its molten lava circulatory system could set any assailant aflame if the Magma Turtle was injured or given cause to bleed. In simple terms, the creature is a walking volcano, and volcanoes are born to erupt.

— Monarch Creature Profile


Skull Island: The Birth of Kong

When Aaron Brooks and his team are exploring a Dutch shipwreck on Skull Island, a Magma Turtle can be seen in the distance.



The hard shell of the Magma Turtles makes them nearly impervious to any type of attack.

Heat resistance

Magma Turtles can survive in extremely hot regions.

Molten blood

Because magma engulfs them while they are still inside their eggs, the blood of the Magma Turtles reaches molten temperatures that can act as a defensive mechanism against predators.



  • With trees growing on its back, the Magma Turtle resembles the Pokemon Torterra.
  • The Magma Turtle's tendency to explode may be based on the Mine Turtle from the ASDF cartoons.

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