The Manda (マンダ,   Manda?) of the Final Wars continuity is a sea dragon kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 2004 film, Godzilla: Final Wars.


Manda's name could be a combination of the Japanese words "man" (万?) and "daija" (大蛇?), which when combined mean "ten thousand serpent".



This Manda, FinalManda, has features of Chinese and Japanese dragons, with the face similar to the ShodaiManda design. Manda's neck is a lot thicker and which manifest in the appearance of fans around its neck forming a hood, as seen in most species of cobra.

His body length is twice as long as his body was in the Showa series, and instead of having feathers, Manda has spikes growing out of its back and arms, with the extent of having a beard growing from his chin and having barbs growing from the sides of its body.


Manda was portrayed with puppets and computer generated imagery.


In Godzilla: Final Wars, Manda was given a variety of roars from different animals, typically lions. The roars were mixed with snarls from a leopard, tigers and other inorganic sounds.[2]


Manda is one of the many monsters used by the Xiliens in their campaign to conquer the Earth. While Manda was said to be an underwater protector in the Showa era, Manda's origins in Godzilla: Final Wars are never explored.


Millennium Series

Godzilla: Final Wars

Manda in Godzilla: Final Wars

Manda first appears attacking Normandy, when the Gotengo comes to stop it and attacks Manda in the English Channel. At first, Manda was able to constrict himself around the Gotengo and pull the warship further and further into the depths of the water, severely damaging it. However, the crew spotted an underwater volcano and charged into it, with Manda stuck on their ship. Unable to withstand the heat, Manda was forced to uncoil himself and swam away. The Gotengo managed to get out of the volcano, but Manda charged at the ship. The Gotengo turned around 180 degrees and fired the maser cannon to freeze the weakened Manda, and then rammed into him with its powerful drill, breaking him into pieces and killing him in the process.



Manda can wrap his serpentine body around an enemy and crush them, similar to how a snake constricts his prey. He made use of this to constrict the Gotengo and crush it underwater.

Waterborne nature

As an aquatic creature, Manda can swim very fast and breathe while submerged in water.

In other languages

  • Russian: Манда
  • Chinese: 曼达 (Màndá)

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