Marukobukarappa (マルコブカラッパ?) is an unmade Gamera kaiju.


Marukobukarappa is a very strange-looking kaiju, with its mushroom-shaped, orange body, bumps on its head, its very long, thin arms, bulky legs, its chicken beak, and its two popped-out eyeballs. Its bulbous, bumpy surface on its body makes it partly resemble the Matango, but Daiei have stated that Marukobukarappa is crustacean in origin.


Aside from the confirmation of its appearance, no information on Marukobukarappa exists.



  • Marukobukarappa's design is based off of a Spider Decorator Crab.[1]
  • Although Marukobukarappa never officially appeared in a movie, merchandise does exist for him, notably in the form of multiple action figures and Gashapon figurines. He is one of three scrapped monsters to receive merchandise in this fashion, with the others being Garasharp and Nezura.


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