Masaji Yamada (山田まさじ,   Yamada Masaji?) was the biological brother of Shinkichi Yamane in the 1954 Godzilla film, Godzilla, and its 1956 counterpart, Godzilla, King of the Monsters!.


Masaji's appearance consisted of tattered and ruined clothes following the Eikou Maru's sinking. While at home, he wore robe-like clothing.


Masaji's personality was largely unexplored in the events of the film.


Shinkichi Yamane

Masaji was Shinkichi's brother, prior to his death.

Unnamed mother

Masaji had an unnamed mother prior to both of their demises.



Masaji was aboard the Eikou Maru ship when it was set ablaze and sunk under mysterious circumstances. His brother, Shinkichi Yamane, noticed him wash up on Odo Island's shore, and the islanders rushed to rescue him. Masaji claimed that a monster sank the ship.

A few days later, a powerful storm struck the island during the night. Shinkichi went outside to take a look at the storm, and saw Godzilla, before screaming to Masaji to run out of his house. Masaji walked to the door, and saw Godzilla himself, causing him to become paralyzed with fear. Masaji and his mother were both killed when Godzilla by their house, collapsing it, with only Shinkichi surviving.

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