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  • I live in Everywhere
  • My occupation is One of no consequence
  • I am But one who was born in darkness, molded by the shadows, but am not evil
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  • Excuse me Gojira2018, I'm Toonking1985 and me and a friend of my are making a Son of Godzilla movie for the MonsterVerse (and no it's not a remake), it involves a group of kids who found and befriend a baby Godzilla who they named "Minya" and they keep him hidden from the authorites, so the movie has the tone of that of ET and The Iron Giant, we imagine that the MonsterVerse version of Minya would be more like that of Godzilla Junior and has the behavior of an infant animal (like lion, tiger, and bear cubs, elephant calfs, baby gorillas, etc.), we imagine Gabara would be the monster antagonist of the movie but is portrayed as a predator that hunts, kills, and eats infant Godzillas and he is more of a fighter than he was in Godzilla's Revenge.

    Anyway I need the help and opinions of a Godzilla fan like you so what do you say

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    • Guys, hey it has been a while. So sorry I have been super busy with online classes and working on stuff around the house as well as family time. So sorry I have been out of the meeting

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    • It's alright

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  • Wiki
    Hi there, and welcome to Wikizilla! Thanks for your contribution to the Titanosaurus page.

    Please take your time to read our policies and look at our help pages for help.

    Don't be afraid to vote on the polls on the bottom of almost every article and comment to leave your opinion on what the article focuses on! Also, do feel free to go to our forums and interact with other members of the Wikizilla community!

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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