Mihama Nuclear Power Plant
The Mihama Nuclear Power Plant (美浜発電所,   Mihama hatsudensho?) is a nuclear power plant operated by the Kansai Electric Power Company, Inc. and is located in the town of Mihama, Fukui Prefecture, about 320 km west of Tokyo. It was destroyed by Godzilla, who sought radiation from the plant in 1984 Godzilla (Franchise) film The Return of Godzilla.


Heisei Series

The Return of Godzilla


Godzilla arrives at the Mihama Nuclear Plant in The Return of Godzilla

The J.S.D.F. put out an alert and searched for Godzilla. Soon, Godzilla landed on an island off the coast of Japan in the outskirts of Mihama, determined to feeds on nuclear energy from the plant. Godzilla attacks and cripples the facility, killing large numbers of workers. Goro Maki, Hiroshi Okumura and Doctor Hayashida arrived near the plant just as Godzilla found the reactor. Godzilla proceeded to absorb the nuclear energy until he suddenly turned around and followed a migrating flock of birds away from the island and returned to the Pacific Ocean.

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