Mika Ayase (綾瀬美夏,   Ayase Mika?) is a character created by Toho that first appeared in the 2008 kaiju film, Go! Godman.


Go! Godman

While taking photos of a small run-down town for a self-published magazine, professional photographer, Mika Ayase is attacked by a giant monster called Tsunojiras. There, she runs into Koichi Matsushita, a young man who was overseeing the demolition of a building, where she explains herself as attempting to capture the records of the memories of the former inhabitants of the town. Seeing the town slowly being destroyed by man, and now a giant monster saddens Mika, as anyone who used to live there will no longer have any ties to it. But, the voices of children echo a name through the town: "Godman". Shortly after this cry for help, a figure flies across the sky toward the monster seemingly answering the calls of the children. Touching down to the ground, the hero grows to the height of the monster and battle ensues. Eventually, Tsunojiras is defeated, but a large chunk of its flesh lands near Mika and Koichi. Before their eyes, the flesh grows into another monster, Jilarji. Godman swoops in to save them once more while they flee to an alley way. However, another chunk of flesh turns into yet another monster, Gaira. Godman also rushes to the scene, but Jilarji follows him, and the two monsters knock of one of Godman's arm braces. This caused Mika to remember that the superhero had appeared long before, and that his bracelets were needed to win. Risking her life to save him, Mika ran out into the open and retrieved the bracelet for Godman, causing him to regain full strength and power. He was now able to overcome the two monsters, firing his explosive disc weapons known as the Godman Circles at them. This caused Jilarji to knock over a pile of boxes and pipes which nearly fell on Mika. One of the boxes was filled with multiple vintage items, including a Green Call. Unexpectedly, while Godman was occupied, Jilarji stood up once more and confronted Mika, who used the device to call Greenman to protect her. Sure enough, the mechanical hero raced to the scene and beat Jilarji to the ground. Godman finished off both monsters, using his Super Sonic Wave attack and peace was restored to the town once more.

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