The Mire Squid, also known as Gigantus Leviapus, is a giant cephalopod kaiju that first appeared in the 2017 MonsterVerse film, Kong: Skull Island.


Mire Squids seemingly get their name from their environment, as "mire" refers to a stretch of swampy or boggy ground, the same areas they tend to inhabit.



Mire Squids resemble a colossal cross between a squid and an octopus. Their heads resemble that of an octopus, and they have eight long arms lined with suction cups. Their jaws resemble that of a beak, which can spin at great speeds, creating a whirlpool effect in the water.


Mire Squids are ambush predators that lurk in the waters of Skull Island for unsuspecting prey. Being massive prehistoric cephalopods, they don't seem to have much personality, as their main goals appear to be hunting prey and survival.


The Mire Squid is a giant cephalopod that exhibits a hybrid of squid/octopus physiology. Initial hypotheses suggest this lake-dwelling creature is a distant cousin of the Giant Pacific octopus, though with some notable evolutionary mutations. Again we see evidence of the superthermal gigantism unique to this environment, though a much more detailed geothermal study will be required if we are to understand the environmental factors which have led to the growth of such enormous lifeforms. Like other Octopoda, the creature exhibits deimatic behavior when threatened, expelling a thick cloud of black ink that is heated within the furnace-like temperatures of its mantal chambers. In this way, the Mire Squid conceals itself from attacking predators while boiling them alive.
Its beak-like jaws, usually hidden within the rubbery flesh of its huge, bulbous head, are mounted within a complex muscle bed that enables them to rotate like fan blades. Hunting beneath the surface, the creature will swirl these jaws into a centrifuge, stirring up a vortex-like whirlpool that sucks prey down into its gaping maw.

— Monarch Creature Profile


Kong: Skull Island

While Kong was examining his wounds and drinking from a marsh after the battle with the helicopters, he took notice of a Mire Squid waiting to ambush him before he dragged it out from the water. After a brief fight, Kong killed the Mire Squid by crushing its head with his foot. He proceeded to eat several tentacles before carrying away the rest of the carcass to be eaten later.

Kingdom Kong

From his helicopter, Houston Brooks observes Kong eating a Mire Squid while taking notes.



Mire Squids' are shown to have highly flexible arms which can easily coil around and constrict prey, as seen when one tried to restrain Kong.

Aquatic nature

Being aquatic creatures, Mire Squids can stay underwater indefinitely. If dragged out of the water, they are still able to put up a ferocious fight.

Endurance and stamina

Mire Squids have high endurance and stamina, as they have to wrestle creatures that are often larger and stronger than themselves into the water.


Mire Squids are shown to be solitary ambush predators. They appear to lay motionless beneath the water until an unsuspecting prey passes by, in which they will grab the prey and pull it into the water.

Ink cloud

Mire Squids can expel a thick cloud of heated black ink from their mantal chambers to defend themself when threatened.


Despite their great size, Mire Squids can stealthily move through the water to avoid being spotted from most prey and predators.

Strength and combat

The Mire Squids' multiple arms are strong enough to restrain massive vertebrates such as an adolescent Kong.


Mire Squids can rotate their blade-like jaws to create a whirlpool in the surrounding water to pull in and swallow their prey.


Ink sac

In the official novelization, it is revealed the Mire Squids' ink is flammable and igniting it results in their death.

Limited durability

Despite their great strength and endurance, Mire Squids have limited durability, as Kong was able to effortlessly crush the head of one with his foot, resulting in its instant death.



Kong: Skull Island


  • Kong's battle with the Mire Squid may have been a reference to his brief fight with the Giant Octopus in King Kong vs. Godzilla.
  • Kong devouring the slain Mire Squid is a rare instance of a kaiju eating another: while Godzilla was stated to be a "predator" of the MUTO, he does not consume their remains after they are killed. In a deleted script of Godzilla vs. Biollante however, Godzilla devours Deutalios.
  • In the official novelization, another Mire Squid attacks and tries to eat Slivko before it has one of its arms cut off by San Lin and is finished off with a flare to its ink sac, killing it.

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